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Shopping around and comparing properties is extremely easy these days, you can always find people listing them on local forums, property sites and even on Facebook – one problem is that while these sites are great for browsing properties, they are mainly built for property agents, not home buyers.

While great for the property agents, these sites offer nothing much but basic information to buyers themselves, buyers have to communicate with property agents – whose interest is to close the deal instead of assisting the buyer, to know more about the property that they are buying.

PropSocial plans to change all that by taking a different route – using the power of the community to provide genuine personal experiences on the neighbourhood, reviews as well as available facilities in the surrounding area; so you can make informed decisions before even dealing with the agent.

“We developed PropSocial with buyers in mind,” she adds. “Today, smart property buyers are not getting much help from property portals. This is one gap that we hope to fill,” said Magdelin Tan, general manager for Prop Community Sdn Bhd, the company behind PropSocial.


With a ton of easy-to-use features baked into the website, we’d say PropSocial is one of the easiest property site to use, especially if you are shopping for properties in places that you are not too familiar with.

So if you are currently shopping for a property, do give it a try (not like it’s gonna cost you any money).


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