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With Halloween coming up, you wouldn’t want your home to be ranked in the spooky hall of fame for horrible designs do you? We understand that not everyone is an interior designer with an eye for flawless style, but if your house has some of these horrible features, it might be time to call the Ghostbusters – or in this case, a professional interior stylist.

Colours Of Doom

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Painting your walls can be an exciting activity but if you decide to go crazy and paint the walls colours that do not match the decor of your house, you are making a big mistake. So did you choose the wrong paint colour?

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If you are turning on the lights in broad daylight, you must have painted the room too dark, and if your walls are stained with footprints and grease marks, it’s time to apply a fresh coat of paint. So opt for a feature wall, like the one featured above. This allows for the colour to stand out while blending well with the rest of the house.

Too Much Stuff, Too Little Space

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Are you a hoarder? If you have way too much clutter in your house, that’s a huge sign that you have too much stuff and barely any storage space. It’s time to declutter your rooms.

Closed Windows And Poor Circulation

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Does something smell funny? It could be the fact that your windows are constantly shut, and this can also affect the design and lighting in your home. And if there isn’t proper circulation in the house, you won’t get any fresh air. In addition to that, make sure you get your air conditioning serviced at least three times a year to ensure everything is working smoothly.

Hole In The Wall

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Yikes! If you have a hole in the wall, waste no time in getting it covered right away. What’s worse is having a hole in the roof or the flooring, because you’ll be putting your entire household at the risk of pest invasions and unsettling weather consequences. Get these fixed immediately by professional contractors.

Bad Furniture Positioning

No matter how amazing that new sofa looks, it’ll all fall short if you’re positioning your furniture wrongly. Always make sure that there is a proper focal piece in the room, for example, your beautiful sofa. Now decorate around that focal piece. This ensures that there isn’t clutter and that everything looks clean. Another traditional example is purchasing a huge dining table that remains the central focal point of the room. Be creative and space savvy.

Awkward Mix Of Textures And Colours

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Sometimes we try… a little too hard. And our efforts will go to waste if we don’t have proper design aesthetics to begin with. For example, never match a dark antique-looking chair with a loud, contemporary zebra-printed rug.

Poor Lighting At Home

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The last design flaw that may be haunting your home is horrible lighting. Nobody likes a gloomy home. We get a fair amount of sunshine all year long, so let some of that light in by drawing the drapes every morning. To increase your home’s cosiness, avoid harsh fluorescent lamps and opt for warmer lighting instead.

Guilty of these design faux pas above? Call in a professional interior stylist to revamp your home. At Kaodim, all our interior designers are pre-screened for quality and excellence. All you need to do is submit a request, state your preferred price range and requirements, and we’ll send you price quotes to compare. It all starts with a simple click!


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Not to mention landed units with extra long space at the car porch and back yard. Makes your house built up area much smaller, and it will cost a fortune just to fully extend your property.

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