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Before jumping right into it, you must be wondering, “What is a Smart Home System”? There are many ways to answer this simple question, but to put it in simple terms, a Smart Home System is basically a set of devices within your home, which are all connected to one another via the internet. In other words, your home will be linked to the internet, enabling you to monitor your home on your smartphone from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection.

Most would be concerned and wonder, is it really safe? Absolutely. In fact, safety is one of the most prominent benefit of installing a Smart Home System. Some security features of your home that can be connected with this system are the alarm, closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras, motion sensors, door locks and more. The Smart Home System also enables automation of the lights, air-conditioning, electronics, and other parts of your home.

These devices and parts of your home is known as the Home-End of the Smart Home System, which are connected to one central unit known as the Brain (or in technical terms, the Gateway). The other end is known as the User-End, where the user (or you), will then have access to all these connected devices and can monitor as well as control these devices, whether individually or in groups. (Which you will learn about later on, just keep reading!)

Now that you have an idea of what a Smart Home System is, find out the benefits that a Smart Home System can bring to daily living.

1. Never-before-experienced convenience

How can smart home system bring in convenience in your life? Well picture this- you are driving home after a long day at work and before you even reach the door, your home starts getting ready to welcome you back.

The heater in your bathroom is turned on to prepare hot water for a soothing shower, the air-conditioning is turned on to ensure optimum temperature when you walk in, and when you do reach your door, you don’t have to fumble with your keys when your smart door lock automatically unlocks for you. Upon entering, you hear your favourite music playing on the speakers throughout your home… everything is done just for you and your comfort.

Imagine the convenience of just commanding your home to turn the lights on or turn the fan down, or setting your alarm clock and even reminding yourself to order an Uber, all with just a detection of your voice or a few simple taps on your smartphone. The convenience that a Smart Home System can bring is undeniably limitless- as long as you have a system in place to link the devices within your home to the internet where they can be connected, the possibilities are endless.

2. Increased security

Security is one of the key features of having a Smart Home System. For heightened security, your smart home can be equipped with a range of spy-like features, such as motion and access sensors, smart cameras which come with night vision, as well as built in microphones for audio detection and even speakers.

With your Smart Home System, you can programme the sensors and cameras to be on alert when you leave your home, and for instance, if motion is detected in your home, you can be instantly notified on your smart phone and view the live camera feed to see what is happening in your home. You can even set the alarm to go off or the lights to flash in a menacing red with the push of a button if you determine that your home has been broken into.

3. Enabling accessibility

Another point of having a smart home system is to make our lives easier by taking more tasks off our hands. One way that this technology can help make your life simpler is in terms of how you can allow accessibility to your home.

Have a friend who dropped by unexpectedly while you’re still on your way home? Unlock your doors for them to have a seat inside while waiting for you. Got relatives staying with you for the holidays? Make things easier by giving them their own temporary pin to unlock your front door.

A feature like this is also convenient for when you go out for a jog and don’t want to carry your keys with you, where you can even choose the period of time a certain key code is valid.

4. Efficiency in every way

In this time of age, every one of us want things to be done fast, like, RIGHT NOW- the faster we can get things done, the more efficient we can be. With a home that is equipped with a Smart Home System, the satisfaction of having a home that can react quickly to your every touch is gratifying, where doors unlock and lights change colour right away with a simple touch. The system also allows a range of programmes customised for your lifestyle and needs, where you can have your coffee fresh and ready by the time you’re dressed and ready for work with just a quick setup.

Rushed out the door without turning off the lights in your room? Don’t worry, you home’s got your back! The Smart Home System can be programmed to switch off devices and items that are not being used or have been idle for a period of time, or even give you the option of turning them off via your smartphone.

A Smart Home System does not only deliver efficiency to help you achieve your ideal lifestyle, but can also help reduce your power consumption. Smart Home System provider and experts, dcrib has even done their own testings and found that by having full control over your energy consumption via the use of a Smart Home System, your monthly electricity bill can be reduced by an average of 12%!

5. Adding unexpected value

Did you expect a Smart Home System to add value to a property whether when selling, renting or buying? Well it does, as a mater of fact, play a role in determining the value of a property. Given that Smart Home System is an emerging trend, properties which are equipped with these smart home technologies, such as smart locks, Google Home or Amazon Alexa (voice-activated) are much more desirable to most property buyers of today. In the future, Smart Homes will certainly appeal even more to the market, with millennials emerging as the new purchasing power.


Though technology may be intimidating to some, its is no question that these advancements can help improve our lives. Technology is fast making its way into parts of our daily living. With that, it may just be time before every home is equipped with their very own Smart Home System.

If you’re keen on stepping into this new world of home technology, be sure to pick a system that is user-friendly and appropriate for your home. Don’’t just pick the one with the coolest interface or most futuristic look! 

dcrib notes that some systems, though advanced, overlook the importance of how easy it is to use, after conducting tests on a range of Smart Home Systems in terms of the stability, connectivity, compatibility, lagging, mobile app failures and so on. Other areas looked at in the test are also the ease of installation and integration, the warranty provided, as well as manufacturing quality.

Interested in turning your home into a Smart Home? Visit or email to schedule a consultation with the experts. 


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Technologies nowadays are making people more and more lazy. LOL But can't deny it saves up much more time and energy.

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I remember watching a video. Where Mark is working on a smart home butler similar to "Jarvis" in Ironman...

Quite cool the way he collect his signature t-shirt using the Cannon!

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In other 1st world country, AI exists quite sometime ago. Malaysia's always many steps behind. Hehe....

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