Sentral Greens

Teres Rumah Berkembar
Lebuh Relau, Off Jalan Paya Terubong, 11900 Relau, Penang
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Rejuvenation garden
Children's playground
Reflexology path
Metropolitan park
Therapeutic garden

Sentral Greens at Relau, Penang is freehold landed property that is comprised of terraces and semi-detached homes developed by DNP Land. The are only 52 units of 3-storey terraces and 2 semi-detached units spread out across 4.61 acres of land. The neighbourhood prides itself on its vast 1.6-acre landscaped park and its location beside a 150-acre forest reserve.

Each terrace home will be built on a land area of at least 1,500 sf while the semi-detached homes will have about 1,860 sf of land area. Built up of standard intermediate terrace units will be approximately 3,036 sf and consist of 5+1 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms capable of housing a family comfortably. The built-up of corner units are also about the same, but with more land area. The highlight of the homes is its high ceilings and multiple glass windows to give it a sense of openness and space.

Facilities are not the primary aspect of the property. The strength of Sentral Greens is in its placement surrounded by greenery, demonstrative even in its name “Greens”. However, the 1.6-acre park does provide a few facilities for relaxation and leisure, such as a children’s playground, therapeutic plaza, reflexology path and even a tai-chi exercise square.

Amenities can also be found within proximity to the township, where cafes, restaurants, clinics, banks and others can be found along Jalan Paya Terubong, which will be the main commuting road for residents of Sentral Greens. The town of Bayan Baru is just about 5 minutes from there where a number of other amenities like a Giant hypermarket and Queensbay Mall are located.

Accessibility-wise, Sentral Greens is merely 15 minutes from the Penang International Airport while the second Penang bridge is a little further south-east of the property. Although Sentral Greens cannot be considered central, it is within reach of most places. The town of Bayan Lepas and the Free Trade Zone is also an acceptable distance not too far away.

Sentral Greens is quite well located although it is beginning to be surrounded and dwarfed by high-rise properties shooting up in the town. Prospective buyers should note that Jalan Paya Terubong can be quite congested during peak hours and should keep that in mind in considering whether to live or invest in the development.

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Mesra Alam (GBI)
Restoran Berdekatan

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2010 Nov
(Tahun Siap Bina)
Projek ini telah siap dibina 9tahun lepas
  • Dari RM 828,000
  • Dari RM 1,250,000
  • Dari RM 2,800
  • Tiada
Keluasan Unit
Dari 3,036 kps
Hak Milik Kekal
Min. 2

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Nama Hartanah Tahun Siap Bina Harga Pelancaran Harga Jualan Diiklankan
Sentral Greens Nov 2010 Dari RM 828,000 RM 180,000 - RM 1,200,000
RM 276 kps - RM 352 kps
Gardens Ville Nov 2015 Dari RM 400,000 RM 500,000 - RM 698,000
RM 404 kps - RM 535 kps
One Imperial 2016 Tiada RM 480,000 - RM 1,150,000
RM 400 kps - RM 974 kps
Setia Pinnacle Dis 2016 RM 604,440 - RM 982,100 RM 510,000 - RM 990,000
RM 465 kps - RM 653 kps
Setia Sky Vista Feb 2019 RM 685,500 - RM 1,123,680 RM 630,000 - RM 630,000
RM 546 kps - RM 546 kps
Imperial Grande 2021 Dari RM 475,000 RM 493,000 - RM 493,000
RM 493 kps - RM 493 kps
2 Untuk dijual di Sentral Greens 33 Untuk dijual di Gardens Ville 22 Untuk disewa di Gardens Ville 44 Untuk dijual di One Imperial 39 Untuk disewa di One Imperial 14 Untuk dijual di Setia Pinnacle 8 Untuk disewa di Setia Pinnacle

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Nama Hartanah Tahun Siap Bina Harga Jualan Diiklankan Harga Sewa Diiklankan Purata Harga Urusniaga Purata Hasil Sewa (%)
Sentral Greens Nov 2010 RM 180,000 - RM 1,200,000
RM 276 kps - RM 352 kps
From RM 2,800 Tiada Tiada
Sierra East Jul 2017 RM 540,000 - RM 630,000
RM 432 kps - RM 484 kps
RM 1,000 - RM 1,000 Tiada 2.36 %
Skycube Residence 2017 RM 598,000 - RM 1,550,000
RM 426 kps - RM 588 kps
RM 1,200 - RM 1,200 Tiada 1.9 %
Setia Greens Dis 2016 RM 1,200,000 - RM 1,700,000
RM 486 kps - RM 697 kps
RM 1,800 - RM 1,800 Tiada 1.49 %
Jambul Heights Okt 2015 RM 605,000 - RM 1,300,000
RM 495 kps - RM 541 kps
RM 1,300 - RM 1,300 Tiada 1.7 %
Sierra Residences 2015 RM 410,000 - RM 580,000
RM 397 kps - RM 544 kps
RM 900 - RM 900 Tiada 3.27 %
Zan Pavillon Dis 2011 RM 300,000 - RM 1,100,000
RM 260 kps - RM 524 kps
RM 1,400 - RM 1,400 Tiada 2.83 %
2 Untuk dijual di Sentral Greens 4 Untuk dijual di Sierra East 6 Untuk disewa di Sierra East 7 Untuk dijual di Skycube Residence 7 Untuk disewa di Skycube Residence 3 Untuk dijual di Setia Greens 1 Untuk disewa di Setia Greens

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Bukan Bertanah Bertanah Komersial
0 - 500 kps - - -
500 - 1,000 kps RM 433 kps - -
1,000 - 1,500 kps RM 449 kps RM 749 kps -
1,500 - 2,500 kps - RM 639 kps -
2,500 - 4,000 kps - RM 925 kps -
4,000 kps dan diatas - - -
Purata Transaksi kebelakangan Ini.
100 Transaksi Terakhir Direkodkan.
RM 372 kps
Hartanah Bertingkat
RM 555 kps
Hartanah Tidak Bertingkat
RM 476 kps
Hartanah Komersial


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    Bayaran Muka (10%) RM 82,800
    Jumlah Pinjaman ( 90 %) RM 745,200
    Tempoh Pinjaman 35 Years
    Kadar Bunga 4.85%
    Lain-lain (Anggaran) RM 10,000
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    RM 3,000 ±
    Mortgage Provided By Hong Leong Bank
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    RM Tiada kps (3,036 kps)
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    RM 3,000 ±


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