Ara Damansara, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
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Sime Darby Brunsfield Holding Sdn Bhd
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Developer of Centum, Sime Darby Brunsfield Holding Sdn Bhd


Green Building Index (GBI) compliant
24-hour security patrol
CCTV surveillance
2,500 parking bays
Two drop-off lobbies
Dual frontage
Retail outlets for cafe & alfresco eateries
1-acre landscaped linear garden
Water features
Spacious walkways

Centum, also known as Centum @ Oasis Corporate Park, is a business development which is a part of the Oasis Corporate Park project in Ara Damansara. Positioned at the northern wing of the corporate park, the development is situated close to the Bungaraya Condominium, Medalla, and Serai Saujana. Many people are interested in getting a unit at the Centum, but are still considering the options as the prices are quite steep. There are some who believe that the prices will continue to appreciate due to the developer’s reputation and its location within the upcoming township of Ara Damansara.

Mesra Haiwan Peliharaan
Mesra Alam (GBI)
Restoran Berdekatan

Terence TM Lai
I bought a unit here and it's completed about 1 year plus ago. It's quite a disappointment considering the developer is Sime Darby. The workmanship is pretty bad and I wasn't the only owner who complained about this. That aside, considering it's a new development,... See More
the fitness centre is not well-maintained as well. It's quite smelly and dirty. Aircon will not be on because there's not many residents there, so it's pretty hot and stuffy inside. After handover of keys, it took me about 1 year to finally found a tenant who wants to rent. Had a hard time selling and renting out this unit.
When I first bought it, developer told me it's a SoHo and we can even stay in there. Even their show unit shows that it can partially be converted into bedroom. However, after completion, the developer said it's actually a SoFo and it's commercial usage only and not legal to live in there as a residence. Mainly for office usage. So, this was a major disappointment. There was also some stray dogs lingering around on Ground floor near where the fountain is.
It's currently quite a dead place. I guess it will get better when the mall is up and ready next year. Hopefully by then there will be a bit more traffic and easier to rent / sell out.
However, I really like this location. It's quite near to Oasis Square, Citta Mall and Evolve Concept Mall with lots of eateries and amenities nearby. There's also a LRT next to Evolve Concept Mall which is about 5 mins drive away. If you drive further in, you will end up in Tropicana area, short cut to PJ.
(Tahun Siap Bina)
Projek ini telah siap dibina 5tahun lepas
  • RM 513,800 - RM 9,259,800
  • Tiada
  • Tiada
  • RM0.38kps
Keluasan Unit
739 Kps - 9,989 Kps
Hak Milik Kekal
Min. 1

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Nama Hartanah Tahun Siap Bina Harga Pelancaran Harga Jualan Diiklankan
Centum 2015 RM 513,800 - RM 9,259,800 RM 580,000 - RM 867,000
RM 778 kps - RM 850 kps
Urbana Residences @ Ara Damansara 2016 RM 521,250 - RM 1,328,500 RM 500,000 - RM 1,128,000
RM 491 kps - RM 867 kps
H2O Residences 2017 RM 415,000 - RM 445,000 RM 307,800 - RM 759,000
RM 510 kps - RM 1,000 kps
The Potpourri 2018 RM 557,800 - RM 2,498,800 RM 618,000 - RM 2,161,816
RM 648 kps - RM 1,333 kps
AraTre' Residences 2020 Dari RM 440,000 RM 438,000 - RM 740,000
RM 554 kps - RM 727 kps
Oasis Rio 2020 RM 671,800 - RM 1,156,980 Tiada
176 Untuk dijual di Centum 28 Untuk disewa di Centum 29 Untuk dijual di Urbana Residences @ Ara Damansara 59 Untuk disewa di Urbana Residences @ Ara Damansara 35 Untuk dijual di H2O Residences 92 Untuk disewa di H2O Residences 40 Untuk dijual di The Potpourri 51 Untuk disewa di The Potpourri

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Nama Hartanah Tahun Siap Bina Harga Jualan Diiklankan Harga Sewa Diiklankan Purata Harga Urusniaga Purata Hasil Sewa (%)
Centum 2015 RM 580,000 - RM 867,000
RM 778 kps - RM 850 kps
RM 1,100 - RM 1,100 Tiada 2.59 %
Nova Saujana Feb 2016 RM 580,000 - RM 1,350,000
RM 678 kps - RM 1,129 kps
RM 1,100 - RM 1,100 Tiada 3.11 %
Jazz Residences @ Pacific Place Mac 2015 Tiada RM 1,650 - RM 1,650 Tiada Tiada
AraGreens Residences 2015 RM 389,000 - RM 2,700,000
RM 576 kps - RM 1,151 kps
RM 1,700 - RM 1,700 Tiada 3.1 %
Medalla @ Oasis Corporate Park 2015 RM 530,000 - RM 1,130,000
RM 641 kps - RM 825 kps
RM 1,300 - RM 1,300 Tiada 3.44 %
G Residences @ Pacific Place 2015 RM 697,000 - RM 884,000
RM 747 kps - RM 921 kps
RM 1,400 - RM 1,400 Tiada 2.88 %
Seri Pilmoor 2013 RM 2,800,000 - RM 7,500,000
RM 605 kps - RM 1,021 kps
RM 7,000 - RM 7,000 Tiada 2.21 %
176 Untuk dijual di Centum 28 Untuk disewa di Centum 36 Untuk dijual di Nova Saujana 75 Untuk disewa di Nova Saujana 2 Untuk disewa di Jazz Residences @ Pacific Place 65 Untuk dijual di AraGreens Residences 148 Untuk disewa di AraGreens Residences

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Bukan Bertanah Bertanah Komersial
0 - 500 Kps - - -
500 - 1,000 Kps - - -
1,000 - 1,500 Kps - - -
1,500 - 2,500 Kps - - -
2,500 - 4,000 Kps - - -
4,000 Kps dan diatas - - -
Purata Transaksi kebelakangan Ini.
100 Transaksi Terakhir Direkodkan.
RM 377 kps
Hartanah Bertingkat
RM 664 kps
Hartanah Tidak Bertingkat
RM 702 kps
Hartanah Komersial


  • Analisis harga ini adalah sekadar untuk rujukan. Ketepatan data akan ditingkatkan di masa akan datang apabila kami mempunyai lebih maklumat.
  • 'Jarak Berdekatan' adalah berdasarkan 1 kilometer.
  • Purata Hasil Sewa mengambil kira anggaran yuran penyelenggaraan.
  • Kemampuan Saya

    Bayaran Muka (10%) RM 51,380
    Jumlah Pinjaman ( 90 %) RM 462,420
    Tempoh Pinjaman 35 Years
    Kadar Bunga 4.85%
    Lain-lain (Anggaran) RM 10,000
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    Ansuran Bulanan
    RM 3,000 ±
    Mortgage Provided By Hong Leong Bank
    Yuran Penyelenggaraan
    RM 280 ±
    RM 0.38 kps (739 Kps)
    Jumlah Perbelanjaan Bulanan
    RM 3,000 ±


    The information shown is indicative and for illustration only. It does not guarantee the accuracy of the calculation and accepts no liability for any inaccuracies or omissions. The above does not constitute an offer of credit nor does it guarantee that the credit facility applied for will be approved. All applications for financing are subject to credit evaluation and approval and it reserves the right to approve or reject such applications without assigning any reason therefore.

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