Inwood Residences

Jalan Pantai Murni 1, Pantai Hillpark, 59200 Kuala Lumpur...
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IJM Land Berhad
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Developer of Inwood Residences, IJM Land Berhad


Enchanted garden
Pathwalk with trellis
Open lawn with maze path
Totem plaza
Children's playground
Canopy treehouse
Giant tree with cocoon treehouse
Rock water fountain
Topiary garden
Structural super tree
Drop-off area
Linear forest walk
Lake arena
Central park
Infinity pool
Sunken sundeck
Wading pool
Sitting terrace
Half basketball court
Pool deck
Games room
Changing room
Reading room
Barbecue area
Multipurpose function rooms

Inwood Residences is a high rise property development located off Jalan Pantai Murni in Pantai Sentral Park. Situated amidst lush greenery in the prestigious township of Bangsar South, Inwood Residences will be located within Kuala Lumpur’s only urban forest city. Carefully built into the heart of nature, there will be minimal disturbance to the nature surrounding it during the construction of Inwood Residences.

Inwood Residences was built with attention to family-centric homes that are designed to reflect their prime location with its location amidst nature. The condominiums will sit on the foothills of the hills, with the mountains acting as a background to the entire development.

The density of homes at Inwood Residences will be very low with only 211 units available spread out over two blocks of 38 storeys. The smallest sizes of these homes are 1,125 sf with three bedrooms and two bathrooms, making them the perfect size for a moderately sized family.

The largest of these exclusive residences are sized at 1,965 sf with four bedrooms and five bathrooms. Every one of these homes come with a minimum of two parking lots regardless of their size, except for the largest unit of 1,965 sf that comes with three parking lots instead.

At Pantai Sentral Park, the preservation of nature is the core priority. As such, every facility within Inwood Residences is nature themed as well. The infinity pool will overlook the landscapes of the forests, where residents can simply lounge back at the pool deck to enjoy the freshness of the mountain air.

Life for children at Inwood Residences will also be a continuos adventure into the love of nature with the Enchanted Garden, Topiary Garden and Canopy Treehouse. Worthy of mention are also the structural super tree, totem plaza and giant tree with cocoon treehouse.

Inwood Residences was a development that was already being coveted before it was even launched. Advertisements were rampant and investors were running on high waiting for its launch. Unfortunately for them on the day of Inwood Residences’s launch, they arrived at the gallery only to discover that almost all the units were already sold to the developer’s internal staff and own people which caused a loud cry of outrage on popular forums such as Lowyat. The few remaining units were sold out within the next few months.

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2017 Dis
(Tahun Siap Bina)
Projek ini telah siap dibina 2tahun lepas
  • RM 950,800 - RM 2,007,800
  • Tiada
  • Tiada
  • RM0.32kps
Keluasan Unit
1,125 kps - 1,965 kps
Hak Milik Pajakan
Min. 2

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Nama Hartanah Tahun Siap Bina Harga Pelancaran Harga Jualan Diiklankan
Inwood Residences Dis 2017 RM 950,800 - RM 2,007,800 RM 998,000 - RM 998,000
RM 887 kps - RM 887 kps
VERVE Suites Jun 2016 RM 361,900 - RM 1,489,200 RM 494,100 - RM 950,000
RM 610 kps - RM 1,468 kps
Sanctuary Ridge 2017 Dari RM 4,200,000 Tiada
Millerz Square 2019 Dari RM 667,000 RM 431,000 - RM 881,000
RM 611 kps - RM 1,058 kps
Residensi Suria Pantai Okt 2022 Dari RM 275,000 Tiada
Pantai Sentral Park 2030 Dari RM 821,800 Tiada
1 Untuk dijual di Inwood Residences 26 Untuk dijual di VERVE Suites 24 Untuk disewa di VERVE Suites 1 Untuk dijual di Sanctuary Ridge 43 Untuk dijual di Millerz Square

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Nama Hartanah Tahun Siap Bina Harga Jualan Diiklankan Harga Sewa Diiklankan Purata Harga Urusniaga Purata Hasil Sewa (%)
Inwood Residences Dis 2017 RM 998,000 - RM 998,000
RM 887 kps - RM 887 kps
Tiada Tiada Tiada
Saville @ The Park 2015 RM 488,430 - RM 3,000,000
RM 344 kps - RM 1,000,000 kps
RM 1,700 - RM 1,700 RM 760,000 (RM 614 kps) 3.44 %
The Scott Soho 2013 RM 370,000 - RM 838,000
RM 431 kps - RM 748 kps
RM 230 - RM 230 Tiada 3.87 %
The Scott Garden 2011 RM 349,920 - RM 3,400,000
RM 431 kps - RM 651 kps
RM 1,300 - RM 1,300 Tiada 1.54 %
Fraser Towers 1994 RM 570,000 - RM 860,000
RM 367 kps - RM 511 kps
RM 1,900 - RM 1,900 Tiada 3.96 %
1 Untuk dijual di Inwood Residences 68 Untuk dijual di Saville @ The Park 85 Untuk disewa di Saville @ The Park 58 Untuk dijual di The Scott Soho 69 Untuk disewa di The Scott Soho 57 Untuk dijual di The Scott Garden 81 Untuk disewa di The Scott Garden

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Bukan Bertanah Bertanah Komersial
0 - 500 kps - - -
500 - 1,000 kps RM 632 kps - -
1,000 - 1,500 kps RM 611 kps - -
1,500 - 2,500 kps - - -
2,500 - 4,000 kps - - -
4,000 kps dan diatas - - -
Purata Transaksi kebelakangan Ini.
100 Transaksi Terakhir Direkodkan.
RM 331 kps
Hartanah Bertingkat
RM 195 kps
Hartanah Tidak Bertingkat
RM 448 kps
Hartanah Komersial


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    Bayaran Muka (10%) RM 95,080
    Jumlah Pinjaman ( 90 %) RM 855,720
    Tempoh Pinjaman 35 Years
    Kadar Bunga 4.85%
    Lain-lain (Anggaran) RM 10,000
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    Ansuran Bulanan
    RM 3,000 ±
    Mortgage Provided By Hong Leong Bank
    Yuran Penyelenggaraan
    RM 360 ±
    RM 0.32 kps (1,125 kps)
    Jumlah Perbelanjaan Bulanan
    RM 3,000 ±


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