ViiA Residences @ KL Eco City

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KL Eco City, 59200 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan
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S P Setia Bhd
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Developer of ViiA Residences @ KL Eco City, S P Setia Bhd


Swimming pool
Wading pool
Children's pool
Pool lounge
Changing rooms
Steam baths
Gourmet lounge
Barbecue area
Zen deck
Steps studio
Shower rooms
Rock climbing
Luxury lounge
AV Room
Children's playground
Kid's area

ViiA Residences @ KL Eco City is a vibrant new development of serviced residences which will enliven city living upon its completion in 2020. Part of the KL Eco City Central Business District on the peripheries of Mid Valley City, the visionary project towers at 40 storeys high, aiming to bring the best of business and indulgent hospitality in everyday living within its 326 units of serviced residences.

ViiA Residences @ KL Eco City is versatility at its finest, presenting a selection of thoughtfully-designed homes to suit the tastes of every individual as well as their business and family needs. The Type A homes are compact though comfortable, with their 1-bedroom layout catering to career-driven individuals who need just enough space without having to compromise on their time managing a dwelling too large for them. Those who enjoy having a little more space will certainly appreciate the 1+1 bedroom Type B units, where the additional room can function as a study and even welcome the occasional friend or relative staying over.

Serviced residences are no longer just for individuals, the Type C of ViiA Residences @ KL Eco City units offer a functional 2-bedrooms layout, where a small family can enjoy the coziness of each others’ company while retreating to their own privacy when needed. The Type D 3-bedrooms units are made for today’s modern family, where additional space guarantees comfortable living for even an extended family. The residences range between the sizes of 636 sf to 689 sf for the Type A units, 779 sf to 810 sf for the Type B units, followed by the Type C units between 945 sf to 957 sf. The different layouts of Type D residences only differ slightly, at either 1,245 sf or 1,252 sf.

The serviced residence status of ViiA Residences @ KL Eco City will without doubt live up to its name, with an array of services provided by the leading hotel development which will be adjacent to it. Stepping into the grand lobby of the residence, exclusivity is apparent in the secured access to the homes. The multiple floors of facilities at the prime development will also set to amaze, with its crowing jewel- the impressive pool perched on the top of the 40-storey structure.

Apart from a gymnasium, fitness facilities like a rock climbing zone is also available, along with a yoga deck and dance studio. Steam baths and saunas are the ultimate relaxation, while the AV room, gourmet lounge and barbecue area make for perfect spots to entertain guests. There is also a kid’s area, children’s playground and pool for some all-round family fun.

Upon completion of the entire KL Eco City development, retail podiums will house amenities and conveniences which are just at the doorsteps of ViiA Residences. In addition, the residences is just a stone’s throw away from Mid Valley Megamall and The Gardens, connected via a pedestrian link bridge where supermarkets, department stores, retail outlets, restaurants, food courts and even a post office will provide everything residents could need.

Accessibility be it by road or rail are also limitless, with an extensive network of roads and highways connecting ViiA Residences to other parts of the city and the Klang Valley. KL Eco City will soon become an integrated rail hub, with the LRT Kelana Jaya line and KTM Commuter line converging there. The Mid Valley KTM station is just 1 stop from KL Sentral, where the KLIA Express can also be boarded. Highways accessible to and from the property include the Federal Highway and the New Pantai Expressway (NPE), long with major roads like Jalan Bangsar and Jalan Maarof. With that, KL city centre is just 10 minutes away, while Bangsar is a little over 5 minutes from the residences.

Despite offering indulgent facilities and quality homes, buyers should know that ViiA Residences @ KL Eco City is a leasehold development. Hence, it is up to individuals to decide if its RM1.25 million to RM2.47 million launching prices are worth the luxury and connectivity it provides.

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SheanYi Brian
Nice spatious view
comfortable design
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  • RM 1,252,000 - RM 2,470,000
  • Tiada
  • Tiada
  • Tiada
Keluasan Unit
636 Kps - 1,252 Kps
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Nama Hartanah Tahun Siap Bina Harga Pelancaran Harga Jualan Diiklankan
ViiA Residences @ KL Eco City 2020 RM 1,252,000 - RM 2,470,000 Tiada
South View 2017 Tiada RM 530,000 - RM 1,400,000
RM 548 kps - RM 1,251 kps
Nadi Bangsar 2017 Dari RM 595,888 RM 570,000 - RM 158,638,800
RM 1,074 kps - RM 147,433 kps
Nova Pantai Residence 2019 RM 708,000 - RM 1,097,000 Tiada
Novum 2019 RM 720,000 - RM 1,725,000 RM 830,000 - RM 830,000
RM 1,000 kps - RM 1,000 kps
Avara Seputeh 2020 Dari RM 650,000 RM 562,650 - RM 1,020,000
RM 773 kps - RM 869 kps
Setia Sky Seputeh 2020 RM 3,439,650 - RM 4,141,150 RM 3,003,000 - RM 3,320,000
RM 1,127 kps - RM 1,291 kps
65 Untuk dijual di South View 105 Untuk disewa di South View 32 Untuk dijual di Nadi Bangsar 75 Untuk disewa di Nadi Bangsar 1 Untuk dijual di Novum 9 Untuk dijual di Avara Seputeh 6 Untuk dijual di Setia Sky Seputeh

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Nama Hartanah Tahun Siap Bina Harga Jualan Diiklankan Harga Sewa Diiklankan Purata Harga Urusniaga Purata Hasil Sewa (%)
ViiA Residences @ KL Eco City 2020 Tiada Tiada Tiada Tiada
Vogue Suites One @ KL Eco City 2017 RM 688,500 - RM 5,999,000
RM 937 kps - RM 1,666 kps
RM 2,300 - RM 2,300 Tiada 2.03 %
KL Eco City 2017 RM 1,454,700 - RM 2,500,000
RM 1,300 kps - RM 1,388 kps
RM 2,700 - RM 2,700 Tiada 1.61 %
Bangsar Trade Centre 2017 RM 949,000 - RM 1,390,000
RM 1,317 kps - RM 1,434 kps
RM 2,000 - RM 7,350 Tiada 4.8 %
The Vertical 2015 RM 800,000 - RM 800,000
RM 926 kps - RM 926 kps
From RM 3,675 Tiada Tiada
Camellia Feb 2014 RM 570,000 - RM 1,250,000
RM 880 kps - RM 1,018 kps
RM 2,000 - RM 2,000 Tiada 4.2 %
Menara MBMR 2014 RM 1,100,000 - RM 2,159,000 Tiada Tiada Tiada
33 Untuk dijual di Vogue Suites One @ KL Eco City 81 Untuk disewa di Vogue Suites One @ KL Eco City 8 Untuk dijual di KL Eco City 35 Untuk disewa di KL Eco City 3 Untuk dijual di Bangsar Trade Centre 10 Untuk disewa di Bangsar Trade Centre 15 Untuk dijual di The Vertical 54 Untuk disewa di The Vertical

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Bukan Bertanah Bertanah Komersial
0 - 500 Kps - - -
500 - 1,000 Kps RM 476 kps - RM 405 kps
1,000 - 1,500 Kps RM 586 kps RM 737 kps -
1,500 - 2,500 Kps RM 755 kps RM 551 kps RM 900 kps
2,500 - 4,000 Kps RM 602 kps RM 828 kps -
4,000 Kps dan diatas RM 648 kps - -
Purata Transaksi kebelakangan Ini.
100 Transaksi Terakhir Direkodkan.
RM 412 kps
Hartanah Bertingkat
RM 599 kps
Hartanah Tidak Bertingkat
RM 609 kps
Hartanah Komersial


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    Bayaran Muka (10%) RM 125,200
    Jumlah Pinjaman ( 90 %) RM 1,126,800
    Tempoh Pinjaman 35 Years
    Kadar Bunga 4.85%
    Lain-lain (Anggaran) RM 10,000
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    RM 3,000 ±
    Mortgage Provided By Hong Leong Bank
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    RM Tiada kps (636 Kps)
    Jumlah Perbelanjaan Bulanan
    RM 3,000 ±


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