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Balik Pulau is situated on the Southwest end of Penang island and is most notable for being the go-to place to savour the “King of Fruits”. Every year, locals and tourists throng to the numerous orchards around the area for durian. Asam Laksa is also one of the local delicacies that Balik Pulau is famous for. The usually quiet town is surrounded by green hills and is the only place on the island where paddy fields can still be found.

Originally, the area was home to a small number of Malay settlers who came from Kedah, followed by other Chinese who followed suit. The area was then developed by the British who cleared land in the area for clove and nutmeg plantations, bringing in Indian and Chinese immigrants to work. Gradually, people began settling in the area, working at the plantations and estates, farming, fishing, setting up businesses and so on.

Today, many within the Balik Pulau community still work on the farms, orchards and plantations in the area as well as run businesses. There are amenities within the town, such as banks, Hospital Balik Pulau, clinics, hawker centres, coffee shops, restaurants, a bus terminal and schools, mainly the Prince of Wales International School, Sacred Heart High School and St. George’s Secondary school.

However, throughout the years of rapid urbanisation on the island, development is beginning to spill over from other parts of the island where land for housing has become increasingly scarce and house prices have skyrocketed. One notable development is the Botanica CT development located along Sungai Air Putih. With that, many other developments are expected to emerge in the peaceful town.

There are several main roads which lead into Balik Pulau from other parts of the island. From Georgetown, it will take a journey of around 40 minutes via the Tun Dr. Lim Chong Eu Expressway and Jalan Tun Sardon. The Penang airport is around 25 minutes from Balik Pulau via Federal Route 6 (round island road), which passes through Teluk Kumbar on the south end of Penang.

One thing to note is that traffic towards Bayan Lepas may be heavy at the intersection of Permatang Damar Laut, typically during the morning and evening rush hours, weekends and public holidays. In terms of public transportation, Rapid Penang busses, 401 and 401E shuttles back and forth from Balik Pulau to other parts of the island daily.

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