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Ariza is one of the selected few residential developments in the low density and highly exclusive development of Elmina Gardens. It will be located just next to the proposed primary school and Islamic school of the City of Elmina on one side, while on the other end residents will enjoy the natural water features of the Subang River Reserve. Combined with its comfortable spaciousness, its high ceilings and full length windows, Ariza is a beautiful family home. There was however much anger and displeasure during the sale of Ariza, as it was purported that 100% of the houses in Ariza were sold to the developer’s own internal staff within just a single day before its launch. This attracted much criticism from the community, as there were many genuine buyers who were looking forward to purchasing the homes in Ariza as a family seat. It was so much so that there were some who sarcastically commented that Ariza should be renamed to represent a Sime Darby hostel upon its completion if all the staff members who bought the homes in Ariza really chose to live there.

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