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Properties for Rent in Bukit OUG Condominium

Bukit OUG Condominium is an old and affordable residential high rise that is situated in the central location of Bukit Jalil. Despite its central location, it is said that there is only a single access road to the condominium and that public transportation is non-existent in this area. Bukit OUG Condominium has had much history, with complaints of the residents including a constant change of management bodies, where with each management body the resident had to pay a deposit for his parking lot again and again resulting in many tenants parking on the roads outside the condominium as they refused to pay their deposits again. The security guards which also appear to be very strict seemingly allow motorbikes to come and go as they please, resulting in numerous break-ins. There was also a case where a husband stabbed his wife multiple times to death on the 16th floor of one of the blocks. As a result of all these incidents, more than one resident has been known to move out from Bukit OUG Condominium out of pure frustration with the entirety of the situation, along with the fact that more and more migrants have been moving in due to the cheap rental.

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