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Kuala lumpur

EcoSky is a new high rise serviced apartment in the suburbs of Taman Wahyu, which is strategically located in the vibrant city of Kuala Lumpur. This integrated development is exquisitely crafted for the community with a combination of beautiful landscapes. There are three towers to this development, enticingly named Aurora (light), Basalta (salt), and Clarita (water); with each tower being aesthetically designed to reflect its name. Targeted towards the higher end of the market, these homes come with a moderate density of 1115 units spread out over three blocks.. Every unit is designed with a wide and open concept for maximum space, without odd nooks, crannies and corners to complicate the layout. The homes here range between 861 sf and 1,905 sf, with every unit being averagely sized at 1,200 sf, a space that is just perfect for a family. The majority of the units will also come with three bedrooms and two bathrooms, and every unit regardless of its size comes with two parking lots. This last factor is the most important to many buyers as parking space is usually of the biggest concern in any place of residence. Although built on commercial land, the residential component of EcoSky has been granted HDA status; thus residents will enjoy a discounted rate on their utility bills. The commercial aspect of EcoSky comes from the 140 units of retail lots that will be located on the ground floors of the development, similar to SetiaWalk. The majority of the shops at EcoSky will consist of F&B outlets. It is anticipated that there will be a total of approximately 5,000 residents staying at EcoSky once it is completed, hence highways and transportation is of the utmost importance. It is then with delight when buyers first heard announced that there will be a new highway being built at the nearby Lakeville Residences that will provide an alternative exit route from Taman Wahyu. Public transportation is also an alternative option to getting to town when the roads or Taman Wahyu are known to resemble a large parking lot during peak congestion hours, where residents will be able to utilize the nearby KTM train to get to town. With the proposed walkway to the KTM station in the plans, residents will be able to walk to the station comfortably.

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