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Kuala lumpur

Lakeville Residence is an ambitious newly launched project in 2014, located in the established area of Taman Wahyu. Lakeville Residence is designed to be a family seat with its many facilities, convenient location and quiet neighbourhood amidst landed properties. Residents of Lakeville Residence will have scenic views of the lakes beside their property, while units on the higher floors will enjoy panoramic views of the cityscape. Lakeville Residence is designed to be an environmental friendly development. The building will be painted with low VOC paint of which if normal paints were used would promote formation of ozone which will contribute to urban smog. Rainwater is harvested and treated for use in the gardens and landscapings, where the natural landscaping within Lakeville Residence will promote biodiversity and reduce heat which will in turn reduce usage of air-conditioning because of the thermally comfortable environment. The high efficiency fittings installed at Lakeville Residence are also said to reduce usage of water which will in turn reduce water bills. A major plus point of living at Lakeville Residence is that every unit will come partially furnished with kitchen cabinets, a washer and dryer, air-conditioners, a refrigerator and microwave oven; hence the cost of moving in will be on the lower side. Also touting to have the some of the most comprehensive facilities of all the condominiums in the city, Lakeville Residence comes with 38 facilities spread over 3.1 acres of land. Aside from the usual facilities that can be found at typical condominiums and serviced apartments, Lakeville Residence will have four different gardens. There will be a hammock garden, tea garden, reading garden and scented garden. Secreted amongst the grounds amidst nature will also be a forest pool and waterfall, where residents will be able to enjoy the forest species collection area or luxuriate in the beautiful views from the forest deck. Sports active residents will love the rock climbing area and outdoor gym. Children will not be left out of activities at Lakeville Residence with the delightful maze garden, kick-about lawn, Island Play area and dry fountain. They will also enjoy the Ants Tunnel and grass hill. Lakeville Residence is unfortunately one of the higher density developments in this area of landed properties, touting over 1,900 units of homes that come in all shapes and sizes. But the majority of the population are however not turned off by the density, as they look instead at the convenient connectivity that Lakeville Residence enjoys to the city.

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