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Simpang Pulai is a town located in the Kinta District of Perak, just under 10km south of Ipoh. It is also commonly known as the town which one has to pass through when travelling by road to Cameron Highlands, Pahang. During the height of its days, Simpang Pulai was a bustling town which emerged with the increase of tin mining activity. A large number of the people who mined the surrounding areas of Simpang Pulai were from China, which explains its predominantly Chinese population.

When tin deposits began dwindling, the town of Simpang Pulai did not just fade away. Marble production slowly took over as the main economic activity of the town, which ensured a steady source of income opportunity for the population. Till this day, several marble producing factories are still teeming with activity in Simpang Pulai, and remain one of the major industries in the town.

The town of Simpang Pulai remained relatively quiet, till the opening of the AEON Station 18 Mall, which was the largest AEON mall in Perak. However, that title has since been taken over by the AEON Mall in Klebang. Regardless, the AEON Station 18 Mall brought renewed life to Simpang Pulai, where other amenities like a Tesco Hypermarket also established itself there. There was also a rise in the number of new shop lots and housing developments.

Today, Simpang Pulai offers a wide array of amenities, from convenience stores and mini markets, to banks and petrol stations, and even pet shops, restaurants, boutique hotels, and more. Its location near Ipoh city has also made it a great place to settle down, where accessibility to Ipoh as well as other states is highly convenient. Some of the major roads and highways within reach of Simpang Pulai are the North-South Expressway (NSE), the Second East-West Highway, Jalan Raja Dr. Nazrin Shah, Jalan Gopeng, Jalan Simpang Pulai-Lahat, and Jalan Pasir Puteh among others.

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