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Relau is one of the more popular but smaller districts in the state of Penang. It is located further south of the island, and is neighboured by Bukit Jambul to its north and Bayan Baru to its south. As with the many towns on the island of Penang, Relau is also situated on elevated land and is surrounded by mountains. Relau is another one of the very old and established townships of Penang, and comprised mainly of agricultural land until the early 1980s. However due to the growing lack of land on the Penang island and an increasing need for of residential developments then, the lands began to be cleared for development. Relau is mainly a residential township that comprises of medium cost developments. There are shops that cater to all the residents’ needs, and situated in the middle of town is the Metropolitan Park built by the local authorities. Being a township that existed before the wars, Relau does indeed has it fair share of old and historical buildings. In fact its most famous building until its massive rush of development was the Relau Villa that was built by the last Kapitan Cina of Perak. This once famous building is however, very sadly, in a dilapidated state today. Being a medium-cost focused township, Relau is popular with the locals for affordable homes and a serene environment. It is a township that is famous for its natural beauty in the rolling green hills. But what attracts locals and tourists to this township is its many fruit orchards. Of the variety of fruit orchards available, there are durian, mangosteen, duku langsat, dokong and cempedak orchards. Some of the fruits are seasonal, and the most highly most sought after species of durian, the Musang King can be found here. Relau is a very conveniently located township. It is situated approximately only 20 minutes away from Georgetown, the capital of Penang, and the Penang International Airport is very near at an approximate 10-minute drive. Even more convenient is the location of both the Penang bridges, where both the old and the new ones are only 10 minutes away in clear traffic.

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