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About Wangsa Maju

Kuala lumpur

Neighboured by Setapak and Gombak, Wangsa Maju is a major township located in Kuala Lumpur. Formerly a rubber estate, Wangsa Maju is now a neighbourhood which has plenty of students, similar to Setapak. Aside from that, Wangsa Maju is also host to several high end residential areas such as Bukit Wangsamas. Amongst some of several of Wangsa Maju’s attractions is Setapak Central which was previously known as Kuala Lumpur Festival City Mall and the P. Ramlee memorial. Within this township is also the Danau Kota Lake, and opposite it is the commercial hub StarParc Point. Despite being a neighbourhood which has a large number of homes catering to those from the upper middle income bracket, Wangsa Maju is also known to have a high rate of criminal activities; and was in 2011 designated by the government as being a hotspot for crimes.

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