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Want to start a thread to talk about haunted houses / condos / flat so you will not be unfortunate to end up staying in one!

BRDB Verdana 6th Floor - I heard foreign worker got murdered in condo while still under construction...
Mont Kiara Bayu 13th Floor - Japanese couple died, electrocuted in their bath due to short circuit heater.
Mont Kiara Bayu 19th Floor - Chopped up body found in refrigerator of a unit up for auction.

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Hahahahahhaahahahhaaa!!! OMG I LOVE this topic!!!!!!! xD You missed out the poor boy who got burned to death on the 32nd floor Mont Kiara Bayu, I think that might have been the first of the incidents. >_<

And I'd like to add in my share of what in my opinion is the most haunted condominium in the city, Flora Damansara! Built on what is purported to be orang asli burial ground, ghosts supposedly appear after 11pm! And many gang fights, a few suicides, many migrants, and.... Ghost expeditions!! Check out the links below!

For more, just Google "flora damansara hantu"! If ghosts expeditions were to start in Malaysia, Flora Damansara should be top on the list! And... I haven't even gotten started on Genting Highlands yet! I'll get around to compiling all the links on ghost hauntings in Genting Highlands one day! ;D And Fraser's Hills as well... from personal experience.... @_@

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Wow, is there a way to know if a place is haunted before buying... I'm really creeped out +_+

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Imagine living in an area where your neighbour is a 'bomoh' or someone who practises witchcraft! Remember the Mona Fandey case where the politician Dato Mazlan was murdered? That was committed at Mona's home in a village in Raub, Pahang! If you were her neighbour, or happened to live in that same village... Oh my god, I'll be really freaked out. Her home must be haunted by now. With that Mazlan's ghost. Ugh. Now that's really creepy!

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Of all the 'horror' stories I've heard, this still creeps me out up till today, although this was since 7 years ago -

This is one of the reasons why I won't buy an auction property despite the fact it's cheaper than market rate. Really scary. Even worse if it's for your own stay and not investment. You'll never know what you get before hand.

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I scare a condo that got people suicide before ! very shui ==''

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Alamak ... !

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@Mag The horror story you were referring to must be the Mont Kiara Bayu murders. A Japanese couple was found electrocuted to death in their condo in 2013. A top police officer's son was killed in an explosion on the 32nd floor of the condo in 2009. And then in 2007, the dismembered body of Singaporean businessman Goh Yoke Seng was discovered in a refrigerator that had been sealed with masking tape.

All three occurred in Mont Kiara Bayu condo. Wah, by now there must be very bad feng shui for this condo. Good place for Halloween, hehe.

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@crozan ... MK Bayu is a legend condo among all condo in MK. hahaha ...

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@crozan, OMG! What a horror!! I've only heard of the dismembered body in the fridge. That's pretty creepy enough. But honestly, anyone bought that unit after that?

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@virspirit Very easy! Just don't buy any unit on the 14th floor and highest floor! For some reason, people love to commit suicide from these 2 floor! @_@

Now, people. THIS is the most scary shit I ever saw... be forewarned, DO NOT watch this alone at night!! @_@ I couldn't sleep for a very long while!

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A korean committed suicide at MK 11 and his body felt at the tennis court fencing and his body become half cut. All the "Spare-parts" everywhere ...:))

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@jordanchen1981 omg my stomach feels queasy even trying to imagine it!!! O_O

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I'm ready to view and sell any haunted house provided the price and commission is attractive enough

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A few units on 19th floor for sale. What is the unit no. for the auction unit at 19th floor with dead body?

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No news, they didn't release! I think you'll need to get insider information on this~

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First with chopped dead body in an auction unit at 19th floor, second with a young man killed in a fire at 32nd floor, third with a Japanese couple electrocuted in bathroom at 14th floor. There are too many chilling horror episodes in Bayu. Will give Bayu a skip no matter how hard the agents push for it.

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Now, this is what I called creepy -

Corpse found in Bukit Damansara condo water tank!!!

The mystery of the source of a foul odour from water supply in a Bukit Damansara condominium was solved after the dead body of a man was found floating in the water tank on Tuesday. Residents had reportedly started complaining about water smelling bad since May 7. One of them, 23-year-old Abbas, said he and his housemates continued drinking the water despite the smell because they thought the pipe was rusty. "We drank and bathed with the water for five days. It was only on Wednesday that we found out that the weird odour was caused by a dead body in the water tank," he said. Another resident said she was traumatised by the whole incident and is now buying mineral water from outside for consumption. According to police, the 43-year-old victim, Chuan Wan Chooi, was not a resident of the condominium and a missing persons report was lodged by his brother on May 9. Meanwhile, Prof Dr S Shamala Devi of Universiti Malaya has advised those who had consumed the contaminated water to see a doctor if they experienced symptoms such as fever, stomach ache or diarrhoea.

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Oh Lord... Disgusting! What bums me out, though, is that the residents complained that the water smelled foul on May 7, which means that the body would have been there way before May 7 (for it to decomposed and stuff). But his brother only lodged a missing persons report on May 9? Isn't that kind of late? How long are we supposed to wait before lodging a missing persons report?

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Oh my goodness! I can't imagine drinking those water. Ugh! Now, THAT is creepy!

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@Lynette, I have a unit in Flora Damansara and yes, we did have some fun trying to figure out the 'haunting stories' in one of the block and regrettably, we are unable to confirm there are ghosts there... on the flip side, the exercise actually brought the community closer and over the past year, with a new team of JMC, serious efforts are being made to improve the facilities and common areas... so... we had fun but sorry lah... cannot find ghosts lah!

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@agnes OMGGGGG!!!! NO Way!!!! YOu live there!??! That's so freaking awesome!!!! So is it true that the condo is built on top of an old orang asli burial plot?! Did you guys try going to Block E and Block F after 11 pm?! there's supposed to be like this girl in white walking towards you!!!

I don't mean any offence ya!! But do you guys know how many stories there are about FLora Damansara online?! O_O!!!

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@agnes, you and your team are very brave. I can't believe you guys did that.

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I am not sure if it is built on top of orang asli burial plot but yeah, for a few days running, we had different teams going to the floor where the allege 'ghost sightings' and sound was coming from but 'it' did not appear while the teams were there. Probably too many of us there at the same time.
As for the stories online, yeah, we have our own Flora Damansara Community site where we have posted what the community were doing so we had quite a lot of interest and coverage... lol... so whether there is a 'resident ghost' or not... left to be seen... 

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OMG! It is Semantan Avenue Suites!!

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Jeff Maxis @car_computer_sa, OMG the picture makes me feel nausea. But.... don't know what they are talking about though. I am banana :D Someone committed suicide?

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Ahahahahah!!! From @Mag reply I'm not going to open the link! But can I have a translation of the article please!!!

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goshh....what the..i think those people when read this news should be vomit over and over again >.<

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@virspirit, but what actually happened? Can someone translate, pleaseeee???

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Boy’s remains buried under kitchen floor @ double-storey terrace in Kepong

Photo1 large

KUALA LUMPUR: Police have detained a husband and wife in connection to the finding of a boy's remains, cemented under the kitchen floor of a house at Jalan 10, Taman Usaha Jaya in Kepong.

The husband, who hails from Perak, was nabbed at a restaurant in Keningau about 7pm yesterday, while his Sabahan wife was picked up about 1am today in Penampang.

Gombak police chief Assistant Commissioner Ali Ahmad said the case is being investigated under Section 302 of the Penal Code for murder.

Police have been searching for the couple, who had lived in the double-storey terrace with their three children, since the victim's remains were discovered on Friday. The gruesome finding was made about 2pm by a contractor who was conducting renovation works there, before police were notified by its owner's daughter.

The remains, wrapped in a piece of decayed cloth, were found buried in a hole which had been covered up with fresh cement. Post-mortem on the remains revealed that they belong to a boy, whose age is estimated to be between 8 and 10.

Forensics expert at Sungai Buloh Hospital, where the post mortem was conducted yesterday (Saturday), found that he had been dead for about eight weeks. However, the relationship between the victim and the suspects is yet to be ascertained, pending DNA test. Cause of the victim's death also remain sketchy as his remains were too decomposed to determine.

It was reported that the couple had been renting the house for about a year, before vacating it without notice last month. Ali was quoted as saying that the husband had requested permission from the house owner to conduct repair works on a toilet there late March. However, when the 68-year-old owner went to the house on April 12, he found that the family had moved out without notifying him. Neighbours interviewed by the New Straits Times said the family had left in a suspicious manner.

Read More :

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Simple translation:

Dead body found in the water tank of a serviced apartment at Jalan Semantan - more than 100 residents drank contaminated water.
The body was believed to be in the water tank for 6 days.
The victim was identified as a 43 year-old Chinese male stayed in PJ who went missing some 6 days ago.
The victim was 6ft tall and 80kg. Police were puzzled over the cause of death.

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Jeff Maxis @car_computer_sa, have they already found the suspect?

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@Jeff Maxis Oh bejesus! That's DISGUSTING! I feel like vomiting now!!! Thanks for the translation!!

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Another one...

PETALING JAYA: A man's body was found stuffed in a suitcase in Jalan Cecawi, Kota Damansara here this afternoon.

The yet-to-be identified body was discovered by a passerby, who called the police at about 1.15pm after he sensed something was off with the bag covered in white wrapping.

Petaling Jaya police chief Assistant Commissioner Azmi Abu Kassim said the victim was found inside a black luggage.

"The victim clad in a green-collared t-shirt, his hands and legs tied with car cables, knees tied with a green piece of cloth and his head wrapped with a plastic bag." he said adding that there were no physical injuries on the victim's body.

It is learnt that the victim died about 48 hours ago.

Azmi said a witness saw a man believed to be in his 30's who had dragged the luggage to the opposite side of the road from a housing area while she was watering plants in her house.

He added that the suspect had waited at the bus stop by the roadside and left a few minutes later.

"The witness saw a man in grey t-shirt and sport shoes carrying the luggage as if there was something heavy inside it. He said the witness told police that the suspect left soon after," Azmi said.

The case is being investigated under Section 302 for murder.

The body of the victim was brought to the Sungai Buloh hospital for post mortem which will be conducted today.

Read more:

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No big deal. Everything's got a price, including solutions.

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Now this is definitely cool! Love the adrenaline rush that all these horror stories gives you!

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Loved this thread! Call me weird, but I kinda like the adrenaline rush of reading/experiencing these stories! Ok la, maybe not the drinking water part.

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These are my kind of stories too lol

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I recall there is a few more incident happened in the condo @ Puchong (Sutra***)

wait till i find the story then i will share

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@imronaldsoo waiting for that

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so, will the property price affacted? lol

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Well, I guess if the buyer / investor is not a 'pantang' person, it shouldn't affect much. I do know investors who are not bothered about this kind of things.

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@yap_rony, cant find the news article anymore, but a child fall from the balcony and killed himself.

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@mangakitsune1 i doubt so lo... some are actually looking to buy this type of haunted place hahahahah

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Yea, so that they can buy at lower than market price and then sell off with a profit.

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I happened to watch a series today, and the conversation caught my attention, this very special agent working in the Federal Department of US mentioned that the reason he could purchase that piece of property way below the market value and stayed there for 20years is due to there is a three homicide incident happened in the same premises before this.

I wonder if you guys encountered any property have have at least 3 homicide / death incident in less than 5 years in 1 premise in Klang Valley?

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Ronald, you got stories to share? :)

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@Mag dont have any interesting story to share yet as I have yet to find the similar case happening in Klang Valley. hehehehhe

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bayu oh bayu...if you never read about the tragedies happened there ,it is for sure a good buy ..a premium feeling when you turn into that can eat udang king too..LOL..btw I've a friend staying there and so far so good..

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Yikes, 2 in list is from M.Kiara BayU...

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Kesian the owner of that MK Bayu unit. Did he manage to sell it in the end? Is anyone staying there now? Does this incident affect other units in MK Bayu?

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Pudu Jail ranks number one according to the video below. I wonder if there are buyers from Malaysia for the properties in the redevelopment of Pudu Jail.

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Jeff Maxis, maybe overseas investors? Or people who don't believe in the after life or ghost.

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Personally, i would not handle properties as termed by you, be it grim murders, haunted; as i would not feel 'sincere' (nicely-said) when i inform the potential buyer that its a good property. Somehow, the vibes of the place will feel different & putting myself in my clients shoes, would not feel comfortable should the history of the said property be found out.

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Maybe you inform your clients only if they ask specifically about the unit involvement in Grim Death / Murder / Haunted?

With so many units under a condominium block, can't be one unit affect the value of the rest.