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The basement and the ground floor collapsed ! Fortunately, luckily no one injured :)


I'm not sure why this collapsed, but a question actually come across my mind..Are some our contractors or developers just sucks? Do u know any property developments, contractors, developers that actually quite sucks? :$ First I can think of is KLIA2 xD


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Jeez, is that true @Zara_Yeow??? Paradigm's Starbucks ceiling collapsed? Sounds really serious and scary! I hope nobody got hurt.

Goodness, sometimes it's the main contractor or sub contractor doing a bad job to cut cost.

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The short answer is no. 

The long answer is for every accident that is highlighted, thousands more are completed without issue. However, it is true that there are better quality developers than others. Naturally, it depends on their track record and to a certain extent, the price of the property. It is expected that highend projects will get better quality than low to mid-end ones. I commonly hear, "you paid only RM xx psf and you expect top quality construction? Don't be so demanding". You could argue that quality construction should not be dependent on purchase price and I am inclined to agree but hte reality is that everything costs money and ensuring good quality requires much higher costs which are not available for lower priced properties. Sad but true. There are some encouraging spots in the industry though - I personally heard the CEO of a Contractor-turned-developer royally screw his construction team kaw kaw for poor quality of a low cost apartment they were building especially when the team explained to him that they were very happy to make do with the "honeycomb" issues because it was low cost only. My respect for this company went up several notches after that. 

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We definitely need more CEO like the one u mentioned above...

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thank you for good sharing