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Is it free to post property ads in PropSocial for owner & agent?

1 Ads will keep for how long?

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Is there a way to differentiate between an Investor or and Agent member in Propsocial?

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@domng Yes there is a way, simply put your mouse courser to the profile picture. It will indicate whether he is an agent or the owner. For example your profile is registered as a user. And @windzneom 's profile is registered as an agent. Therefore, in windz neom's profile you will see "view my details". And when u clicked in, you will see the REN number as well.

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Thank you jeffrey loo & so many other helpful souls for educating me that posts are free & indeed, POSTINGS are FREE !! Yeah !! A big thank you to PropSocial !

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Thanks Jeffrey for the detailed explanation. I guess there are a lot of agents who are investors as well.