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Hi all, I'm selling a new project with guarantee buy back basis. Confirm can earn at least RM100k after hand over. Please contact me @ 010-5468836 or leave ur comment down here for more info. Thanks


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Different between GDBB & GRR:

Guarantee Developer Buy Back scheme: Developer buy back the unit from you within certain period after unit is complete/ hand over. 

Guarantee Rental Return Scheme:  Owners who purchase a property have to lease the unit back to the property developer or property management company. In exchange, they will get rental returns either based on a guaranteed return model or a profit-sharing scheme, for a set period of time.

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So what is in it for the Developer to offer such attractive Guarantee Buy Back scheme?

Is it they need the cash upfront from the sales for other investment, or other reason.

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@domng Offer Guarantee Buy Back is to boost confident of investor nowadays who afraid of economy now in Malaysia.. Of course developer foresee this project can earn more than what its offer to the purchaser now

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@mingkiat thanks for sharing