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Nowadays it is difficult to find properties with gross rental ROI above 5%. Probably it is due to the price increase of properties is much faster than rental increase. Is property still a good form of investment??


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There is a new property development in KLCC, opposite the KLCC convention centre that is running on a scheme of 6% GRR for 10 years, if you need more details you can contact me

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property development in KLCC ? is that gonna be expensive?

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as i know low cost apartment only can get high rental compared to high end condo

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This is a project located in KLCC, Its a combination of service residence and hotel apartments. both commodities are for sale.
Service Residence -
Sizes from 915 sq ft - 1830 sq ft
starts from level 19 onwards to level 37
own facilities on level 19.
Price from RM1800 psf

Hotel Residence-
sizes from 400+ sq ft
Actual unit. u sign SPA for an actual unit
Fully furnished
Prices starts from 2800 psf
Guaranteed Rental Returns (GRR) 6%
Period of GRR is 5+5 years
first 5 years guaranteed at 6%. year 6 to 10, if does not make up to 6%, developer will top up to 6%. however if there is income more than 6%, Purchaser gets to keep the differential sum
Purchaser can sell the unit at any time based on the original SPA

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if u calculate the sum, its based at 2800 psf, you get rental returns for 10 years, so that's 60%. if you were to deduct that from the original price, the price psf is RM1180, you will not be able to purchase a fully furnished 5 star hotel finishing unit in KLCC for that price.

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Joyce is right, low cost properties can get better rental ROI. But not everybody can buy low cost properties, there are requirements on individual or household income. I think if household income is more than RM5k, you can't buy??

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Appreciation on low cost properties are also very limited ....

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RM3k is the max for government low cost housing plan

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As long as you're not owning more than 1 house in wilayat persukutuan and salary below10k you are eligible to buy Rumahwip. More information from here >

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Medium cost to higher end condo ROI do not make sense in the past few years because price has been going up with rental did not.

Lower end high rise yield better ROI however not easy to buy. It often requires under table money to get through the deal. While it looks good on ROI, but the absolute amount you are getting for managing a lower end high rise property is not always a walk in the park.

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Low cost properties ROI is good; yet quality tenants are hard to find. 

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If you would like a high ROI, this one probably can provide the return in rental or appreciation of property value.  


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is there a possibility of landed or commercial property with high ROI? is it must buy early when launch and at the right location, else very difficult when it is fully built?

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@ppnnkk2011 thanks for sharing