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Rental Yield getting lower , will you still consider buy property where rent yield < 4% ?


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For me , still can consider , as long as the Tenant is Big Company ... Because property's Capital Appreciation is main issue .

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@desmond3899 thanks for sharing

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my personal 2cent sharing as below 

Capital Appreciation It will , but also pending on demand vs supply in the market 
Holding Power is the key factor at this moment, after Capital Appreciation our value of money become smaller.

Commercial retail even almost game over in this period of time
Personally i am disappointing where Local weak Market low buying Power
Rental pay over 2000 already become big money for those who wish to Rent

Personal point of view not looking good for local market in 4-6 years time.


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buy 1 for own stay, 1 for investment in kinda good enough.