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After purchasing a new piece of furniture, the cashier asks you if you want to assemble it by yourself or have them send someone over to do the job. You'd think that since there is a DIY option, it should be layman-friendly. Unfortunately, the story took a different turn when you started assembling it.

Not all furniture is created equal; some are more difficult to assemble than others. Here are six legendary ones that have made headlines:

1. TV storage combination

Photo credit: IKEA

There's one particular combo that is said to be so difficult to assemble, it's nicknamed the divorce-maker. Certain parts have to be fastened to the walls, while others require two or more people to help put together. If you're not used to putting things together, it's best not to challenge yourself with this.

2. Wardrobes

Photo credit: Kolkata Furniture

Wardrobes, in general, are quite difficult to assemble. The average assembling time for it ranges from four to six hours. This is because they need to be fastened to the walls, which takes time. You'll need even more time if the wardrobe comes with lots of drawers.

3. Bunk beds

Photo credit: Walmart

Bunk beds are notorious for being the easiest to get assembled wrongly. Sure it looks simple enough: it's just putting two bed frames together into one, right?

Precisely due to that, it makes it so much more confusing because all the parts look similar. Once assembled wrongly, you'll need to undo the whole thing to get it right.

4. TV wall units

Photo credit: Pinterest

As mentioned earlier, the most difficult furniture pieces are the ones that require being fastened onto walls. This is why the TV wall unit is tough to assemble. Not only do you need to get the measurements right, you need to be extra careful when trying to hook the TV onto the fastener.

5. Chest of drawers

Photo credit: B&M

Drawers are the worst - the more drawers, the more troublesome it's gonna be. Getting the knobs just right could even set you back by half a day.

While some furniture may look easy to assemble, it's sometimes worth your money to hire someone to have it done for you. It'll save you much more time, give you less anxiety, and it's ultimately safer for you and your family too. Let our Kaodim professionals know if you need help with any of your furniture pieces here, and we'll send over some quotations for free!


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Yea, some furniture do look easy to assemble but turns out differently once installed own such as misalignment, in malay "Senget" and so much more.. Make you feel more anger ..

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For total peace of mind, better to engage a professional to do the assembly.

Don't be penny wise, but pound foolish.

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@kaodim good sharing