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Flying cars and aliens. This is the future that many movies and books paint, but even though we seem to be very far away from living on Mars or travelling in space frequently, this is no barrier for you to bring these science fiction ideas into the interior design of your home.

Futuristic interiors have several defining features, including its minimalism and the common use of lights. If you're wondering how futuristic interiors look like, these are some of the best examples:

1) The Kitchen from A Parallel Universe

Curving metallic tables conjure up a feeling of fluidity that has no clear boundaries, surrounded by semi transparent and plain walls, making the entire design look smooth and polished. The colour scheme reminds one of a spaceship, with its smooth textures and lack of angular and geometric elements.

Photo credit: Jaga Home Heating

2) The Apartment from Cyberspace

The rounded and circular furniture pieces here are complemented by the starkness of the walls, which are actually coloured by the lights. The furnishings are purposefully kept to a minimal, with no carpets or much fabric. This may seem stark, but it does create a room that's fit for Princess Leia.

Photo credit: Pixewalls

3) The Digital Age Bedroom

The geometric lines on the floor of this bedroom are reminiscent of Tron, one of the first movies to feature digital special effects. Also the smooth, shiny white surfaces reflect the light perfectly, giving the whole bedroom a video game sort of effect. It's important to see that the central design are the horizontal lines that give stability.

Photo credit: Awesome!

4) The New Age Wave Effect

One of the hallmarks of futuristic interiors is definitely the presence of wavy horizontal lines, and here they've been turned into floor designs that make the surface come alive in a 3 dimensional way, turning the ground into an uneven texture, even though the floor really is flat in reality.

Photo credit: Livinator

5) Steampunk Kitchen

Cogwheels, metallic hanging blimps and round wooden table legs all allude to the steampunk subculture, a science fiction story theme that assumes what would happen if electricity was never discovered. Here's a truly beautiful example of how steampunk translates so beautifully into interior design.

Photo credit: Livinator

6) Long Glass Windows

Another popular theme that features prominently in futuristic design is the presence of long stretches of fully glass windows and doors, looking out into views of nature. Often, these glass windows are curved and surrounded by neutral colours of white, grey or beige and allowed.

Photo credit: Luxury Homes

7) The Laser Beam Bathroom

Rather than the placing the shower stall in a corner, this one places it at the centre of the bathroom, reminiscent of Star Trek's "Beam me up, Scotty!" contraption. Notice again the theme of rounded furnishings, and a large round window showing scenes of the outside.

Photo credit: Architecture Art Design

You don't have to redesign everything in your home to mimic a science fiction movie set, but you can, by all means, incorporate elements of futuristic design in many ways. It's always nice to be different and really take the design of your own home into your own hands and run with it. You can achieve more in a shorter time with good and trustworthy renovators here at to help you.


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Wow, the renovation work looks super cool. Love the #6 which is the Long glass windows, looks super cool and nice.

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In the near future. Maybe they will make homes like this in Mars!

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