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They say marriage is an institution, where an interpersonal relationship between two are acknowledged. When two become one, many are shared, and that applies to the roof under their heads.

However, living together also means acknowledging the fact that there will be things that we do that tick our significant others off. We found 3 couples who were recently married to give us their experiences, and pet peeves of their partners since they moved in together.

We’ve also included the places where they’re currently staying in, and to our delight, we’ve got some nice words from our users about the properties. Just as nice as our interviewees with their significant others (before they voiced out their pet peeves).

This article is a re-count of what went down during their interviews, all said with their own words.

Our Candidates

1. Chloe and Wai

Enter Chloe, a content executive, and her husband Wai, who is doing sales. They recently registered their marriage February of last year. They have lived together since 2015 in SS14, Subang Jaya. They are in the process of moving over to Bukit Rahman Putra, Sungai Buloh soon.

One of our users expressed her satisfaction with the environment of the neighbourhood, and what it offered.

Pet peeves?

“He hoards bottles and other small things. I keep telling him to clear it up but he insists we will need it. A few months later when I ask him to do it, he finally throws it away.” - Chloe
“She constantly misplaces things and doesn’t put things back to where they were!” - Wai

Weirdest thing you have seen your partner does?

“I don’t really feel like she has done something really weird, except fart.” - Wai
“The weirdest thing that he has done is he pours the soup from the bowl back to the pot. Who does that? It’s so unhygienic!” - Chloe

What is the best thing about living together?

“The best part about living together is I get to be with her, day in day out” - Wai
“For me, the best part is knowing there is a support system, knowing there is someone to rely on taking care of the home, or there is always someone at home.” - Chloe

2. Mirza and Lisa

Mirza and Lisa are high school mutuals who reconnected via Facebook, eventually leading to their marriage. In December 2016, they moved into their unit in Indah Elite, Kota Kemuning and from our exchange, it sure seems that they have quite a lot of peeves against each other (they still love each other to bits, don’t worry).

Pet peeves?

“Mirza always leaves his toothbrush outside of the toilet, and places it on the computer table.” - Lisa
“Two things; hair ties and bobby-pins. Lisa always misplaces them. Every time she asks me to help her find it, I just need to close my eyes, and reach out. There will always be one of them lying around.” - Mirza

Weirdest thing you have seen your partner does?

“She likes to sniff face in the morning. She does this every morning, without fail. Till today I don’t understand why.” - Mirza
“When I tell him a story, he tends to ask more questions instead of listening.” - Lisa

In Mirza’s defence, he said, “I’m fact checking!”

What is the best thing about living together?

“For me, everything is the best, the good and the bad. It’s good to have someone to come home to, who will unconditionally love you.” - Mirza
“Mirza’s reliable, and takes pretty good care of me.” - Lisa

3. Juey and Adam

Juey and Adam have been married since August 2015 and currently live at Main Place, UEP Subang Jaya. Adam is a app developer, while Juey is a designer, specializing in calligraphy.

Apart from Juey and Adam, some of our users heaped praise to the serviced residence, in terms of its layout and overall look.

Pet peeves?

“He snores really loud. Adam is what I call an avid snorer.” - Juey
“Juey leaves dishes unwashed after cooking. I set a high standard of cleanliness, and most of the time, I have to re-wash most of Juey’s dishes. Did I forget to mention that most of the housework is done by me?” - Adam

Weirdest thing you have seen your partner does?

“She does a lot of weird things”, Adam pauses for a chuckle, “One of it is when I’m on my desktop, she comes to the living room half-naked to bug me or try to get my attention.” - Adam
“Before Adam takes his shower, he’ll walk around with his towel, and then walks around the room, checks his phone, and contemplates if he wants to take a shower”. - Juey

What is the best thing about living together?

“I am so glad, and thankful, that he likes to clean” - Juey
“The best thing is knowing that the person you want to be with is where you want them to be. The moment you come home and you know she’s going to be there, That comfort really gives a new meaning to the image of ‘home’, because home is not just a physical location, it is also where your loved ones are. Not many people are lucky to experience this, so I guess I can count myself fortunate.” - Adam


The last bit by Adam really struck a note in our hearts. From our interview with the candidates, it goes to show that despite the things that their partners can annoy them constantly with, especially with their myriad of pet peeves, what’s most important is the home they come home to, being able to be with their loved ones under the same roof. That, we’re sure to most of us, is the best thing to come home to.

From us at PropSocial, we do hope the couples will be happy with each other together, with the pet peeves, and memories they can claim for their own. We do hope that our readers will be able to find their happy homes with their significant others as well!

What are the pet peeves that you have with your partner? Let us know in the comments below! 

(Written by: Henry Choo, 1st August 2017)

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