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I am thinking of renting a condo around Jalan Kiara 3 stretch as it is near to Garden International school. Is this side of Mont' Kiara peaceful & quiet?


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If ur kids is studying there, it's definitely a good place to stay. It's really quiet and peaceful at night.

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Mont Kiara is a quiet and peaceful during the night. But I personally think Mont Kiara is a good place and environment to live in.

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Thanks for sharing. I drove around the area and further into a place called Segambut Dalam. There is a surau/mosque - I hear from friends staying along Jalan Kiara 3 condos and those along Jalan Kiara 1 facing Segambut Dalam (e.g. MK 28) are having trouble being woken up early in the morning before 6, every day. Also, is security a problem - I saw many Bangladeshi, Myanmmar and Indian nationals walking from Jalan Kiara 3 to the narrow road leading into Segambut Dalam.

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I think the mosque thing is a personal matter. So far my friends stayed in condos along Jalan Kiara 3 did not complain anything about it. Security wise, most of the condos in Jalan Kiara 3 have good security. You don't have to worry about that. Bangladeshi, Myanmar and Indian can only use that road because they're staying in Segambut Dalam squatters and it's the only road leading to Segambut Dalam from Hartamas and Mont Kiara.

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ya, is nice and peaceful

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Don't think I can ever afford place in Mont Kiara :P But I heard that there's over supply of properties in Mont Kiara and not many buyers are buying or renting them unless they are expats or foreign investors? Not sure if it's true.

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The mosque and its call are part and parcel of the beauty of Malaysia and like any sound, once you are familiar with your surroundings, they do fade into the background. I live up in Kiara 7 so we hear the same too. For a short period of time, it was annoying but eventually it fades into the background... and some times, we just close the doors and windows and have the air conditioning or fans on when we sleep. However if you are a light sleeper... it might become an issue for you.
Whether Kiara 3 is suitable for you or not is also dependent on whether you need to commute to work in the peak hour? As that is a 'main road access' from Mont Kiara to Segambut Dalam and also to Garden, you will need to be prepared and include more travel time during the peak times and school runs.

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i have stayed in Mont Kiara for the last 6 years and i find it a really convenient area. banks, schools, ammenities, restaurants and most basic facilities are available. traffic is only bummer during school run hours. but of course as there is no public transport in Mont Kiara, you will need to have a car for easier access

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Yup definitely a strategic place to stay with all the shops and amenities available nearby.

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yes. and good for investment as well. both my properties also rented out with good yield

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There are a lot of runners joggers running around MK area, even during evening. Peaceful and safe~

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yes. you can walk around feeling quite safe. i walk to One MK shopping mall all the time

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Mont Kiara is strategically located, easy access to many parts of the Klang Valley. Good for investment as well as own stay. Prices wise, they are slightly above median to high end, many are still lower than new launches. Wonderful place to live. :)

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Mont Kiara is a good place with great neighbourhood, that's why a lot of expatriates prefer this place.

As for mosque, there should be at least 1 within 5km range if not mistaken. Even there is 1 next to KLCC, and KLCC property prices doesn't get affect at all.

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Compare to Jalan Kiara 3 (the access to Segambut) i prefer Jalan Kiara 1 ... hahaha

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Thank you for everyone's comments and tips, I appreciate it! I was invited to stay with a friend for a week (just to try out for myself). Stayed at a condo facing the kampung segambut dalam, opposite Garden Int'l school. Next to it is a new development, I think it's called MK22. Apart from the construction noise, I must say at 5.45 am, I kept being woken up by the prayer (especially during that early hour in the morning, it is very quiet). It is quite a culture shock for me as normally in other similar countries where I've stayed, including Turkey, Indonesia, I do not recall the volume being turned on to so high. I've since moved out, and moved farther away from the kampung.

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thats the other side of MK, because there is a small community mosque nearby. where i live in Kiara 2 which is the other side... facing Plaza mont Kiara, i do not hear the morning prayers

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Mont Kiara has a good environment for living standard. As my opinion