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With Airbnb is swarming into malaysia property market, do you think property with HDA will restrict airbnb business anytime sooner like in oversea. Those condo, service apartment, apartment will not allow Airbnb business anymore? Is it more viable to invest in those commercial title for airbnb business?


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Malaysia generate a lot of income from Airbnb. I suppose airbnb will be around for quite some time.

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Yes agree with you.

If managed properly, owners can generate a lot more income than renting long term.

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I think Airbnb units are still very much in demand all over the world.... and even supply. Even countries like Singapore which apparently they said they ban, but it's still ongoing. People are still doing it. I think Malaysia would be harder to control. Plus, what's the disadvantage of having property turning into an Airbnb unit?

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I don't think AirBnb in Malaysia will be banned or so for some time as they are many expats / tourist which know about this existance and need not promote much. Just simply provide the relevant information and pictures to get it booked.

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Just like Uber and Grab... some people thought they will be banned in Malaysia... but with the right mindset and looking at the overall gain from those services, Malaysians are now embracing it with open arms.  

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@jdh good sharing

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Some condo have banned short term rent like Airbnb, some define short term to anything less than 3 months

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Residential will not allow Airbnb for security and living environment purpose.

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Basically I shall say depends on Majority vote during JMB meeting. Best not staying in investment property portfolio

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I heard there a condo in KL, which allow airbnb to operate for the homeowner. But the owner must pay an initial deposit of RM 5,000 first before accepting any tenant. In this case, if there are any damages the repair will be taken out from the initial deposit. I personally think this is a good method as it will be on the homeowner responsibility if they were to accept airbnb. small reward with high risk.  

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If too frequent check in and out will interrupt the residences.

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if security systems and the guards are well trained and execute their authority, will have less issues, checking in guests on short term rent, generally, owners will have taken their passport copy, if any issue file a report with police/embassy

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I do not think Airbnb will be disallowed. The relevant authorities should review and update the guidelines to improve the Airbnb business service in Malaysia. Airbnb is popular overseas and Malaysia in my opinion should continue to be open to this alternative accomodation service.

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Ban or not ban. Best dont stay in investor focus project. Mostly will do Airbnb there