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Hi all, any experts here dealt with the JMC matter?

I would like to check on the following issues:

i) If a proprietor who owns two or more units, does that mean that during the AGM the amount of votes he is available is subject to the number of units he owns?

ii) If a proprietor who owns two or more units, but has only pay for the maintenance fees and sinking fund for one unit, is he still eligible to vote or to be elected? Or do he have to settled all the outstanding dues for all the units he owns in order to be entitle to vote or to be elected?

J  e74c3c small's kinda interesting that JMC/JMB is the kinda thing no owners really want to get involved in it, but yet likes to complain to. Haha...a good management by JMB/JMC should be able to make the property become much valuable. Isn't it?

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May i know, under what circumstances that a JMB/JMC is required within a property community?

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@John21 This is what i could find from the Strata Act on Q1.

Q1: Each person shall have one vote in respect for each parcel (when undi is by angkat tangan), while if by poll (bertulis), number of votes correspond with number of share units attached to the parcel. 

Q2: Personal opinion, looks ok to vote for one. In terms to attend AGM, any valid owner can attend even if she/he has outstanding fee except not entitled to vote or to be elected. Additional note, if the person wants to become JMB/MC, it shows his/her committment to have a better place to stay in. As such, why would the person owe the maintenance fee if they care about the condo? 

Will re-post a proper answer if manage to find. Hope that helps.

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@John21 Yes. Its important to have a unselfish JMB/MC . They need to monitor the management office and ensure all safety and up-keeping work is done by the vendors such as cleaners and guard (if your place is self-managed, then all work is done by them). 

Management office has limitation and they will seek for JMB/MC for advice. As a high-rise resident, i would urge all residents to attend the AGM to really know where the money collected via maintenance and sinking funds goes etc. and do not just listen to audited report presentation. 

And yes, i agree, JMB/MC can make the place valuable by making necessary up-keeping work etc.