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Hi all, any experts here dealt with the JMC matter?

I would like to check on the following issues:

i) If a proprietor who owns two or more units, does that mean that during the AGM the amount of votes he is available is subject to the number of units he owns?

ii) If a proprietor who owns two or more units, but has only pay for the maintenance fees and sinking fund for one unit, is he still eligible to vote or to be elected? Or do he have to settled all the outstanding dues for all the units he owns in order to be entitle to vote or to be elected?

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I'm not too familiar with this AGM thingy from the JMC/JMB.

But as far as I know, a person with good track record in paying the outstanding will be good enough, better not to drag it too long as some may have late payment interest penalty

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Hmm...it's kinda interesting that JMC/JMB is the kinda thing no owners really want to get involved in it, but yet likes to complain to. Haha...a good management by JMB/JMC should be able to make the property become much valuable. Isn't it?

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May i know, under what circumstances that a JMB/JMC is required within a property community?