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Love the glitz and glamour of Hollywood? Why not bring the look and feel into the living spaces of your humble abode. You don't have to be a multi-million dollar, award-winning, mega movie star to be able to furnish your home with glamorous looking furniture. There are certainly cost-effective ways to go about adapting that old Hollywood glam style with a modern twist.

So let's take a look at some home furnishings from ezbuy that won't break the bank!

Sofas & Armchairs

Probably the most important piece when it comes to living room furniture for most homeowners. Regardless of the style, personality and design of your home, the sofa is the focal point of any living room, the go-to place for comfort and probably the most expensive piece of furniture in the living room. Hence, it's often wise to make a sizeable investment on a good sofa.


Roll back the years and make a statement with this black vintage button-backed sofa. Modern, stylish and the perfect fit for a backdrop of white, chrome silver or purple tones depending on the intensity or setting of your ideal Hollywood-inspired living room.


Have some extra space in your living room? Why not get a matching armchair to add to that flair and personality or simply, so that you can have more people around.

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Coffee Table

The golden age of Hollywood can be brought into your homes with mirrors too. Mirrors are always useful for creating an illusion of space and amplifying lighting. Remember, 'Hollywood Glam' is about going over the top. Pair your sofa with a mirrored or glass top coffee table to bring out that glamour in your living room.


The dramatic design on the side panels of this coffee table will certainly draw the attention and admiring glances of your guests. A coffee table can also be used to create a focal point in any living room and this eye-catching design is perfect for doing just that.

TV Console

Now you wouldn't want something glaring and distracting as you 'Netflix and Chill'. However, you still need a TV console that is classy and sleek to keep in line with the Hollywood theme. Hence, the smooth white lacquered finish of this one should fit the criteria.


Rugs & Furs

Why furs? Well, leather or fur products do symbolize power and money in the past. The rich in Hollywood were willing to spend big money for fur and skin items be it clothing, carpet, rugs or decor.


Add a faux fur throw on the sofa, a zebra print rug or cowhide on the floor for a splash of glam and adventure without going overboard. Unless a hunting trophy room is part of your interior design plans, otherwise we think this zebra pattern rug should do the trick.



Ah, Chandeliers! - Another important piece for your Hollywood-inspired living room and no you won't be swinging on them. Try picturing this, a stunning crystal chandelier mounted on the ceiling of your lovely living room, sparkling above your mirrored coffee table and luxury looking sofa.

Add on a chic opalescent ivory pillow and ivory wallpapers, this neutral color palette of warm ivories and cool chrome will definitely bring out the high-end and incredibly sophisticated look. With so many design options available, we are spoilt for choices in this area!

Ornaments & Decorations

While it's easy to go over the top with home furnishings, it's important to note that the Hollywood style is also about the details. Bring on some sparkle and glitter with ornaments and decorations to further enhance that posh, high-end look. From the ceiling, down to the walls and tabletop, we got you covered!


Partition your living room from the rest of your lovely home with crystal or gold curtain dividers. This easy to install crystal curtain divider is guaranteed to make entry to your living room all the more dramatic. Depending on your color palette or theme, choose clear crystals or colored ones to match.


Create visual interest on your walls with this custom painted faux deer head decoration. Other options include, rhinoceros, antelope, goat and the majestic moose. (Not to worry, no animals were harmed)


Alternatively, frame and mount some of Hepburn's photos on your walls for that vintage look and homage to that glamorous era.


Display your freshly cut bouquet of flowers or get artificial ones to liven up the living room. While you are at it, why not cover up that hideous tissue box as well? The design of this crystal encrusted tissue box cover/holder is sure to complement any modern, luxury themed home and also match the above mentioned coffee table.


From table top ornaments to even dinner and serving wares for your home, remember it's all about the details too with this old Hollywood style.

With that, we hope you gleaned some ideas on decorating and furnishing your homes the Hollywood way. For more home inspiration and the widest selection of home furnishings, head on to ezbuy's home furnishing concept store.

So go on, give your home the Hollywood glamour treatment today!

This article was written in collaboration with ezbuy Malaysia.

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