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Dear Propsocial users,

According to  The Malaysian Institute of Professional Property Managers (MIPPM), the management of some 70% of condominiums and apartments in Malaysia is considered to be “below par” (Oct 2016). I'm also sharing the same concern. I'm currently the chairperson for Management Committee in an apartment in KL and we just terminated a contract of property management who have been serving for past few years. 

Here is just a simple survey to know, on the scale of 1-5 (1 being  "Not at all satisfied" and 5 being "Extremely Satisfied", how would you rate your current property management company. If you rate 1 or 2, have you done something? If no, why?


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@liang_t2613 HI sorry for the late reply. I do not have direct experience as per your case. I found this link, perhaps u can ask from the expert via the email?

For the rest of readers, here is a useful blog:

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Many thanks, @breeze.  

This is more than useful and resourceful. It helps me and my neighborhood a lot to enhance our knowledge in dealing with our developer, JMB and property management agency. 

I had bookmarked this blog page, will return often to check out the latest stuff they post : )

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@liang_t2613 yes, you are right. Parcel owners also need to be actively involved in the community and take full responsibility to attend AGM and check the account line by line. We can't just leave this or JMB and MO. We should be the check and balance to promote transparency and good governance.

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@breeze thanks for sharing