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Check out this funny video about 5 Types of Annoying Neighbours

Come share your annoying neighbour experience with us!


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My neighbour adjusted and moved our Astro satellite dish (causing disruption to our TV signals) which was located on our common wall because it was INVADING OF AIR SPACE, he said!

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LOL! Love the video, it's so funny. I think the No.1 neighbour's not very common in Malaysia, is it?

But I have nothing to complain about my neighbours (thank God), they are nice people :)

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Haahahaha, this is my daughter , doctor, laughter!

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l wondering that, where is the point for laugh????
waste my time

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wha is this?

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pointless , haha

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I have an idiot, erm.. do I call this guy neighbour? He lives in the neighbourhood, and loves animals. Because he has 2 huge Alsatians at home, he can't keep cats or feed stray cats at home. So guess what he does. He takes evening walks to the mini mart outside my home, buys cat food, and uses the space outside my home to feed the cats. So now I have got stray cats wandering around my home at all times of the day, climbing in to find food in the afternoons and you know what?? POOPING EVERYWHERE!!! And the one time I told him off saying, "Hi Mr. X, do you know that the cats are pooping everywhere in my garden?" He answered me, "Hi little girl! I'm sure you don't mind right.. ? I mean like, I can't feed them at home and the cats are hungry..." What the heck was I supposed to answer to that!? That was a SERIOUS WTF moment I can tell you!!! And the best part?? HE STILL CONTINUES TO DO IT!!! Serious wtf!!

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Lol. Unbelievable videos. 

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Hilarious, suddenly this old thread came out ...hahaha