Bubble property
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Keep hearing people saying don't buy property now, property bubble will burst soon for many years now and it's still not happening. Some say no such thing, it will either be stagnant or increase. Not sure if it's the right timing to invest in a property now. Any advice?


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Just read this too. Kinda agree.

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Lol, damn funny, theoretically, if high end property burst, it will bring down the value of other properties as well.. for a good example, when a new apartment is sold for 100k, the surrounding old houses prices will appreciate as well, meaning people would say my old house would be worth 50k now instead of 20k. Expect the same on reverse as well. LOL. if i can buy a better quality unit at rm 500k, might as well i wait for 700k unit to drop to 500k. and if i can buty a 300k unit, i will wait for a 500k unit to drop to 300k... that is the mindset of people nowdays, and people would not easilly buy into developers or flippers "sales tactic" anymore. If a KLCC, unit can drop in value, the perception that location holds value will drop. because that reason was used to sell the unit at the first place. All the developers/agents sales tactic which was pitched to the mass buyers just backfired on them. The excuse that because it is a luxury property, it is in a good location, expats will buy and stay, ect ect will not hold justification anymore. Singapore and Saudi in a pinch now, industrial activity is dropping, Saudi having to sell overseas holding to buck up their reserves..expect these two main buyers to sell off properties now.

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Well, I've been hearing this 'property bubble bursting' thing for a very long time now since a couple of years ago and until today when property market is slow, property bubble still hasn't burst, property prices are still pretty much the same.

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I think property wont burst until the economy and banks start to burst first. Its quite resilant, but it will burst sooner or later, when the economies in a pinch. High oil prices for the past 4 years, when the boom start.. no problem.. it would not burst. With so much layoffs now, and banks getting lesser margins, and business is recording low profits.. what do you think?