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Here are the top 7 property websites we think best advertising your property:

All data is retrieved from similarweb.com and their respective websites

You can use www.pushtify.com to help you manage your posting and broadcast your property to all websites


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Propsocial is ranked 3538 among total Malaysia websites? 

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@domng according to similarweb.com, yes~ Quite high in ranking in total Msia websites

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@pushtify Wow , looks good , will sign up and try it ... Thanks a lot !!

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How about Wonderlist? Anyone got try it before? 

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@kksah5097 thanks for supporting =) Let us know if you need any further help on using Pushtify. Happy posting =)

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@jojo We haven't tried Wonderlist yet, but we noticed they have about ~500 users visiting their website daily (data from http://bit.ly/2BwCnGd). If you don't want to miss out these 500 users daily, you might consider posting to their website too. Our advice is to broadcast your property to as many websites as possible to get more people to view your property. Chances are, some random users from either one of the websites may be interested with your property. Check out www.pushtify.com for more details on how to broadcast your property.

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Wow, looking good. Many channels to broadcast a single source of thing. Way to go.

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@pushtify Normally how long does it take after filling up every details before publishing / Broadcasting it? =)

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Hi @JohnL, if you're posting to facebook groups, it will post almost immediately, depending how many groups you are posting.

For other platforms such as Propsocial, it will take about 1-2 days to process. We are making improvement on this part so it will post immediately. Stay tuned with us =)

Thank you for supporting us =)

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how much does it cost to use your service?

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@henry It doesn't cost anything for using their service. You just need to filled up the details with the sufficient photos and they will do the rest.

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@pushtify Yea, have tried. Just another thing, it doesn't have the option to refresh or bring up the post again function right. Just my thoughts

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Hi @henry, it's free at the moment. Just register at www.pushtify.com and fill in your property ad details and hit Send, then you are good to go =)

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Hi @JohnL, yes currently we don't support bump your ad to top again as that will requires you purchasing credits from property websites respectively. However, we can consider to build this if it's needed =)

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thanks for sharing. would love to try out

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Interesting app.. we actually run more than 40 rooms of homestay in Mercu Summer Suite nearby KLCC.. Will check it out..

From the team at: http://bernicesuite.com/

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@pushtify good sharing