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If you want to get the extra edge to help you pass the papers, you should check this out.

Memory workshop large


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the express way to get realtor license?

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No la...where got express way one...

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hahaha, then got any extra details ? is just for users who want become agents?

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Yup, This workshop is to help those studying for the exam. They will learn techniques to study faster and remember more. Lots of people have to re-sit because not enough time to study, cannot remember after studying, etc. This will help a lot

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Very much exam oriented, I wonder how much knowledge one can get from this method.

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6 subjects in a day ... can it really help?
hehe .. my memory is not good ...

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Education is probably one of the best business in Malaysia. I think I should open a university someday, just for fun you know.

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Any more of this workshop before the exam?? 11 days to go...

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10 days to go...

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Education is a BIG BUSINESS in Malaysia and this is so true. Even network marketing company in Malaysia, they also open a Uni to make education part of their business.

Well, for realtor course which can able you to become licence holder, it take a few years journey for you to accomplish. 1st, go for courses that with subjects and exam to attend. 2nd, make sure pass all subject then attach yourself in any agency for 2 years practical and your agency principal will evaluate your performance then further submit report to BOVEA. Lastly, wait for BOVEA to interview you.

all 3 passed, then you are now a licence Agent.

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5 days to go...