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We may see a lot of office buildings popping up today, but what really happens within an office unit is something we do not see everyday. In an age where almost everyone wants to start their own business, one major economic disadvantage is having just enough money to start the business, but not being able to set up a base of operations, which is key in most businesses.

Enter the co-working space. This new trend of offices is defined by the Harvard Business Review as “membership-based workspaces where diverse groups of freelancers, remote workers, and other independent professionals work together in a shared, communal setting”, is quickly emerging in various countries, including ours. Co-working spaces that can be found here in Malaysia include CO3 Social Office, with their first location being in Bandar Puchong Jaya, with plans to others in PJ, KL, JB, Penang, and even the rest of Southeast Asia!

What is it about co-working spaces that make it one of the most sought-after working spots and investment opportunities today? Here are a few reasons why.

1. Networking with other companies - collaboration opportunities

Setting up base in a co-working space, as its namesake, means that you will be under the same roof as fellow small business owners and its employees. This creates an opportunity to get those important business cards for your future endeavours.

You might even be able to bump into some like-minded companies within the space, creating a chance for your company and theirs to work together, possibly being able to rack up a bigger profit for the both of you. It also creates a sense of community, where in this case, businesses can share ideas and opportunities, and thrive together.

Not only that, co-working spaces also offer event space(s) and a myriad of talks, conferences, and more, which means more opportunities to network! How do we know, you ask? That’s because we actually tried!

We recently had a talk by property expert, Vincent Wong, where almost 200 guests attended, and the amount of business cards we’ve gotten was unbelievable, very well worth the work we put into organizing the event. This wouldn’t have happened without the help of CO3 Social Office!

2. Anti-wallet-burning friendly

Take it from us at PropSocial, and Captain Obvious, when we tell you that renting a office unit can take up to a 4-digit monthly commitment, which can burn a rather huge hole in your wallet. An office space in a heavily dense area like Subang Jaya, can cost an average of RM3,000 monthly.

So it’s a no-brainer when it comes to working in a co-working space, as you’re not renting the whole office unit, rather, just the space that you will be in for the day, or how long your project requires you to be. Spaces like CO3 Social Office offer plans that provide you various perks, starting from RM60 onwards. CO3 Social Office also allows its occupants to choose between daily charges, hot desks (where you have freedom to move to different desks around the entire 32,000 sf CO3 Social Office @ Puchong), and even a fixed desk, all at an affordable price.

3. Cooler working spaces

Another aspect about co-working spaces is that it puts in effort when it comes to making the place a mix between work and play. Cramming in a cubicle, where you’d be stuck with nothing to do except work for the next 8 to 9 hours, would really put a dent on your work progress, as you’d feel uninspired, bored, and unproductive.

Co-working spaces understand that, and places such as CO3 Social Office provides spaces such as an arcade room, a library and even a sun corner, where you can take a breather from your work, and even escape a little.

Who knows, your session of Assassin’s Creed, or an excerpt from a Stephen King novel that you found in the library racks will inspire you in the project that you’re working on, ensuring quality work and success on your endeavor.

4. Reputable business address

More often than not, it’s our job to visit the client. However, what if one of the rare events, such as the client visiting you comes up? Most co-working spaces set themselves up in an area where almost everyone in the area knows of, which makes it easy to be accessed by your clients.

Take CO3 Social Office, for example. Located in the heart of the Puchong Jaya town centre, it is located close to many of the area’s landmarks, which include IOI Mall Puchong, and the IOI Boulevard, a commercial hub loaded with amenities. Being placed close to the mall and housed in a commercial area itself, it would not be too hard for clients and occupants alike to find what they need, from food, to parking spaces.

Plus, wouldn’t it be exciting to tell clients, friends, and family that you’re based at what could possibly be Southeast Asia’s Coolest Office?

5. Services provided

Another plus point of working in a shared working space is that compared to having your own office, you don’t have to fork out an extra sum of money to provide your own facilities and services. The co-working space has got you covered.

Shared working spaces just like CO3 Social Office provides its occupants with around the clock access, so that you can be in the office anytime. An on-site community team is also present for you, when you have any queries during your time working in the space.

There will also be business class printers and scanners for you to print your proposals and designs, which can be rather expensive should you choose to invest on one, and most importantly, high-speed wifi, so that you can work in seamless comfort. Various sized meeting rooms will also be present, so that meeting clients and group sessions can be held with close to zero fuss. There’s even a sleeping pod provided here if sleep is your way of drawing inspiration.

Out of all this, you’ll be glad to know that most co-working spaces, just like CO3 Social Office, will ease you of most of your burden, as you don’t have to worry about maintaining your office. They’ll do that for you.

6. Constant positive energy

When it comes to a traditional workplace, the question of internal hierarchy and stringent rules to follow may come into mind, which could inevitably bog down a person.

According to a study conducted by Harvard Business Review, it is due to the co-working space’s nature of housing various forms of businesses and people, the presence of direct competition and internal politics can be abolished, thus creating more freedom to do work. Working with people of various backgrounds also helps a person strengthen their own identity, by constantly trying to explain their nature of business to fellow occupants.

This positive energy that ebbs from the confidence and sense of community within the co-working space subsequently provides a conducive environment to work in, which makes an office of such nature an attractive place to set base to work at.

7. Stand Out!

Yes, you do have the common co-working spaces where most facilities are provided. However, there are some that prefer to stand out from the crowd, like CO3 here.

How, you ask? Here’s your answer.

CO3 has its own business school! Yes! A business school, in a co-working space!

The Red Dot Campus is designed for the entrepreneur ready-you. The campus offers a range of business programmes, collaborating with industry experts to bring you a myriad of opportunities. Best part is, the RDC welcomes all, whether it’s freelancers or even a corporation.

The RDC’s first programme, LEAP Higher is open for registration as well! The 12-week programme will commence on the 2nd of December, and you still have time to sign up.

The LEAP (which stands for Leading Entrepreneur Accelerator Programme) Higher programme aims to provide strong fundamentals and relevant competencies to entrepreneurs. Participants will be in for a treat, too, as the programme will be conducted by CO3’s in-residence mentors, who are experienced in the entrepreneurship field as well as in Corporate Finance, and Business Law.

You’ll be getting a crash course on taking your business to the next level, guided by names such as Dr. Wong Jeh Shyan, CEO of MOC Capital Berhad, Mr. Yong Chen Hui, CEO of CO3 Social Office, Dato’ Simon Lim of Gan and Zul, Agnes Wong of Syarikat Ong and more! If that’s not enticing enough for you budding entrepreneurs, I don’t know what is!

You can find out more about it here.

I mean, which co-working space goes through all the effort to not only give you a place to work at, but a platform for your business to soar higher than you imagined in the first place?


So there you have it, reasons for you to think about working in a co-working space. If you’re starting your own small business soon, consider CO3 Social Office. Who knows, it could be the starting point for greater things to come in your venture.

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Yea, it is a new culture and more open minded business type. Mostly startups are using this idea in coworker sharing spaces.

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Co-working spaces are popping up like mushrooms all over. Even in the UK, US and even Johor! 

Agree with you John, it's more suitable for start-ups I would say. Because it's definitely not cheap, I would rather rent a cheap office for the amount I am paying for just a desk.

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Yes , my previous cases got few cases also Co-Broke with other Agency . 

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