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What do you all think, of the opening of the largest mall in Johor on 28/11/2017?

In fact, Paradigm Mall (Johor) is built at the site of the abandoned Kemayan City in Jalan Skudai.

I believe it is the same company who built Paradigm Mall, Petaling Jaya.


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Went to the mall last weekend, can see that many tenants have started business... Many tenants that are the "1st outlet" in Johor.

However, the management need to pay more attention to its washroom maintenance /cleanliness and shopping mall flooring stains, which does not reflect a mall which recently opened!

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@domng Yea WCT is the one build for the Paradigm Mall Kelana Jaya. and they are now did it again in Johor. Don't think they will neglect the cleanliness, just need more manpower on the cleaning team. In fact, some of we malaysians like to vandlise or not upkeep the cleanliness when we go to the mall. Not to say all but some bad apples spoils the basket of apples.

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Hope they will do a better job in maintaining their facilities soon. The place is comparable to a "construction site" by some shoppers.

First impression counts, and it did not leave a good one with many.

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@domng thanks for sharing