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Mah Sing this project suitable invest?? i survey the location is very convenient, but have 3k more unit, is very high density condominum, the price not cheap... if need to invest is worth the price?? is easy looking the tenant at that side???

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currently like these mkt, all location is over supply dy, tenants have a lot choice to compare it! no more good return anymore.

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em, i agreed you mr David, so a lot of agent use to say project is more easy to make income, even though some company with not to mention company name, they gift car name bez or BM,i saw alot of in facebook agent company,and they show per month income is RM50K to RM100K said that easy, do youu think this true??

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@raintan_7  hi ms. rain, of course only 1% of property agent like u can earn high paid income :) but in this sentiment mkt now still got high comm high income, that project I wont buy in instead costing added in... just my opinion la.... 

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ya i agreed, only 1% can earn that kind of income la. Not easy la