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A bungalow house tenanted to old folks home with house no.44

House owner wanted to sell it for another investment. The house has been renovated and it's about 5 years.

The other 2 neighbour houses are vacant and next to it is an empty land. Basically that is only 1 house occupied in that particular road. Surrounding are bungalow and terrace houses. Location nearby main road.

Any idea who will be the prospect?


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u can try those philanthropist who always participate in charity events 

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@sweeen126 out of humanitarian reasons, some Investors may not buy..unless they are dead sure the old folks can find a new home.

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When there's always a will, there will be a way. Try to reach out more to the local council or NGOs and see if they know or can share out this.

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@sweeen126 if you don't mind, you may send me details at my email, maybe i can try to ask a dato from a NGO, wish he could help.