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We’re pretty sure most of you can relate when we say that we’ve all experienced the pain of slow Internet speeds. Remember the money we wasted going to cyber cafes to do our work (or for Dota 2), because our home Internet was not fast enough, or what about the days it took to download just one file?

Those days seem long gone now, with the kinds of high-speed Internet plans that are readily available on the market today.

Why should you make it a priority to get high-speed Internet for your home, you ask? Here’s your answer, in an article.

Why do we need high-speed Internet?

1) You get more bandwidth!

Today, our home wi-fi set up accommodates not only the computers we have, but also mobile phones, laptops, smart TVs, and even your wifi speaker set up. Majority of individuals in a household would have 2 devices, at least, that requires wi-fi. That easily totals up to almost 5, or 6 devices at home, connected to the Internet.

With the amount of gadgets that are present, it’s impossible to run everything smoothly at under the average Internet speed. Having high-speed Internet connection would ensure that the household will be able to get a smooth Internet experience, even with many items connected to it.

2) To satisfy your Netflix (and other services) fix

Subscribed to streaming services like Netflix, Spotify, YouTube Red (if you super hipster), and have yourself a Chromecast at home as well? Without high-speed Internet at home, don’t expect your movies or TV series to run smoothly, and be prepared to rip your hair off your scalp as the movie you buffered two hours ago fails on you, at the best part!

On top of that, with all of us being able to watch Full HD, even 4K quality videos now, it’s key that high-speed Internet be present at home, with obvious reasons.

3) High-speed Internet is now affordable!

A lot of us are guilty of holding ourselves back from something good (like super fast Internet), because we have the notion that it would come at extravagant prices.

What if we told you that this mindset is obsolete, and that high-speed Internet is now affordable? At a price of RM299 for 500Mbps, there is no reasonable excuse to say no high-speed Internet for your home now!

4) Upload speeds matter

Sometimes we perceive too much that Internet speed is only weighed based on its download speed, which is the one dictating how fast our webpage loads. Most of the time, Internet speed is more than that.

Consider the upload speeds as well, which is how fast your computer sends information to the web. With so many features of the Internet such as file-sharing, video conferencing (skype), live-streaming, it’s important your upload speed is up to par. That’s so that your latest vlog can be uploaded on schedule, and you can avoid the pesky “Can you hear me now?” when you call your distant relatives.

Another element to consider is the latency, which affects Internet speed. This phenomenon happens because there will be delays that happen due to the nature of the network, and how much traffic they move. The higher the latency, the higher the lag, and the slower the Internet. To avoid that, high-speed Internet can help. 

5) Unquestionable reliability!

Ever wondered why sometimes your home Internet gets very laggy, and then slow, before it resumes its normal speeds? Perhaps it’s time to go 100% fibre.

Full fibre Internet can transmit speeds with little to no problem. This makes it a reliable option when you’re doing anything with the Internet, be it watching your K-dramas, or even playing your best in Dota 2. Put this in mind and watch your mood improve along with your Internet experience.

It’s TIME for High-Speed Internet!

Finding it troublesome when it comes to choosing an ISP which provides affordable high-speed Internet? Consider TIME! You can check whether your home has TIME coverage here

Some of the properties that enjoy TIME coverage are as follow:

1) Binjai 8, KLCC
2) Park View, Jalan Changkat Perak, Kuala Lumpur
3) The Oval, Lorong Kuda, Kuala Lumpur


There you have it, a little reminder to get yourself that high-speed Internet boost today, with some help from our friends over at TIME Internet.

Do you think there are any other reasons to why we should get high-speed Internet for our home? Share with us on the comments below!


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How I wish that "Time" is available for the landed. With what Im paying for the internet /month in the landed, I got the speed is much lesser than the one offered by Time.. Envy

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