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Hi all, I'm Eric Chong, property investment consultant in Malaysia. 1st of all, sorry that my english is'nt proper, but i hope my sharing can really ADD VALUE for you.

I realise that was many property "Investor" in Malaysia, but not everyone of them can make money,

Here i am to share 3 strategic whether how am i going to do property investment :

1st. Clarify "NEEDS" of the location

Always clarify that what is lacking on this area.

Example : 

Cheras have a lot residential. Should i invest residential?

In my suggestion, i would like to invest Shop lot, High end offices, factory, shopping mall etc.

We need to always know what is the needs of this area.

Suggestion to  Invest :

Hotel Management project in Melaka 

Reason : Melaka town is tousirm area, they are lack of hotel. 

2nd Future Development of the area 

There is always investor say : I MUST BUY PROPERTY IN KL, ONLY KL will earn money?

Is it true?

Yes, it is true, If you are buying property in KL 10 years ago.

Because 10 years ago, KL is in the midst of development.

So that this story tell us, for location who are in the developing, definately will earn money.

Suggestion for invest : township investment. which 1 developer build the whole township. ( But price need to take as consideration )

3rd Rental Income VS Monthly installment

How to identify should i invest this property? 

Example : 

Property price : RM 500,000

Loan : 90% RM 450,000

Interest : 4.5% ( take it as reference)

Tenure : 35 years.

Monthly Installment : RM 2,130

Your monthly rental income should more than RM 2.6k and above.

But there is alot investor monthly installment was RM 2.1k, but rental income only RM 1,500.

this is negative cashflow.

Perhaps that my sharing can give you a little bit idea on how to invest.

Again. sorry for alot of broken english. But i was trying to give more value to everyone investor in Propsocial. Chill



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@JohnL yes agree John. I will keep my post come out more article like this so everyone can benefit on it. =)

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Thanks @Eric - your input was valuable. I do have a property for own stay in Bandar Sri Sendayan. But I am looking to get another property for investment purposes. I have registered myself in many property websites. RE agent have called/whatsapp me with their offers. What I commonly notice is - many RE agents out there are interested to share more things about what I will get if i purchase the unit. I have very least concern of that. Because fully furnished unit also sometimes cannot get tenant to stay. So, the important question which I wanted to ask to season investors, how do you choose the location? What makes you to choose the location and why. How do you see the place growing in the next 5-10 years. How do you make your assumption of the location. What are the key points to consider. 

I am trying to understand the logic of the season investors so I could use their success method to invest in property, and I believe many people out there have the same question like me. If anyone care to share, please feel free to post your comments. It might help many people out there (including myself :-))

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For property investment, there is few thing u need to be concern.

1st.  Demand

- Are the location lack of residence?

-Are the location lack of hotel?

- Are the location lack of Officelot.

Always ask what is the demand of the location instead of supply.

So u can get highest rental yield in the market.


Melaka lack of hotel, there is good places for do Airbnb or purchase a hotel.

Kepong lack of business zone.

For Property apprecitation investment, u need to know about future development of your area in 5-10 years.

I will take Township Investment project as example likes:

Eco world, why they are so successful?

Because they are not building only a property. They are building the township.

Township investment is mixed every demand together inside to build a city.

Another good example was Sunway.

Above just my opinion for investment. Hope my opinion can help u.

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@planaresidence thanks for sharing