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Dear all, kindly suggest, review and comment anything you think can be improved...


- Simple loan calculator also known as Equated Monthly Instalment(EMI): Calculate the monthly instalment amount and also other information

- Affordability calculator: Estimate the property price based on your desired monthly payment

- Rental yield calculator: Calculate the annual rental yield(%)

- Price/ sqft calculator: Calculate the property's price/sqft

- Return on Investment(RoI) calculator: Measures your investments return on your investment capital(%)

- Cash-on-Cash Return(CoCR) calculator: Calculate the rate of return often used in real estate transactions in relation of cash income earned on the total cash invested in a property.  

Looking forward for the reviews & comments and give me some time to update if any as am still learning...


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@windzneom ya... planning now... may take some time. thanks 

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@domng not identical la... but is fit to all device... but website in phone sure cannot compare to app in phone...

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all the best bro

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dear all... my latest App for Malaysian... please take a look and review. thanks