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Malaysia General Election 2018 - What effect will it have on the property market?

Before and after the election, What effect will it be? as investor hows you react?


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@freemanwoo i think is still the same, more goes for renting. and more demand of property under RM500k OR Above RM1m for foreigner market. Doesn't really affect much. 

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No more 6% GST on any property sales or commission fees, that is for sure. 

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@domng ya that one definitely. haha!

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I feel that after the GE, people are more daring to look back into investment again. Maybe not all people. But after the GE for sure a lot of cleaning and sustaining need to do not only for the gov but also for for business man. From what i gather, clients have a bit more hope and looking forward for a better market growth. 

If we have more encouragement on the foreign investment company, the situation for rental and sale market will change, just like back in the old days under Tun M leadership. Not a big fan of politics but like it or not, it does affect the market especially on foreign investment confident level..