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One of our local celebrity property investor is doing his shopping. Are you
1. Buying?
2. Selling?
3. Waiting?


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Hmm, waiting + buying !

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Haha local celebrity? I think he must be Happy to hear that.

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Lol. I thought that's how people treat Faizul these days.

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Buy within your capability...every moment is a best time to buy as long you still qualified/afford to get a housing loan.

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Would love to make another purchase if capital permitted. Regardless whether the market is good or bad, there will always be great deal on and off, just need to search for it.. :)

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Buy because you want and because you can, not because the market is good.

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Buying for investment if the property location and itself is good. Selling when price good and opportunity to buy other. Waiting if you still can wait for good time. Ok☺

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Saya mau!!!

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Hahahah, saya mau guys. Guys, guys, guys, you make me lol.