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To date, it can be seen that most travellers - be it for business or leisure, prefer to book Airbnb accommodations. Clearly, it can be a profitable venture if you’re doing it right. So why not take a piece of that pie?

Let’s say you have enough money to buy a property anywhere in the world and you really want to maximise the profit from Airbnb properties. Well, look no further. Based on Airdna’s data, we’ve gathered these five lucrative cities to invest in.


First, the basics:

As long as you have some extra rooms, you can be a host on Airbnb, but what are the listings types? Here are some explanations curated by the Airbnb.

- Entire homes/apartment: Guests rent the entire unit, without sharing it with anyone else.

- Private rooms: Travellers share some common areas with you i.e. the kitchen, living room, or bathroom, but they have their own private room for sleeping.

- Shared rooms: The most budget-friendly option in Airbnb. They share the entire space with you or others and don't have a private room to themselves.

1. Paris, France


Average daily rate: USD 110
Occupancy rate per month: 77%
Average revenue per month: USD 1,605

There is no denying that Paris has amazing hotels that cover everything - romantic, stylish and luxurious. However, beautiful and well-located hotels may cost a bomb. This is when travellers look for affordable private rooms in the heart of the city through Airbnb.

Paris has consequently become one of the most-booked cities, with approximately 44,000 active homes available. Most of the listings are dominated by studios and one-bedroom apartments, while 2 to 5 and more bedrooms are still available, the numbers are limited.

2. Osaka, Japan


Average daily rate: USD 76
Occupancy rate per month: 76%
Average revenue per month: USD 1,476

Osaka may be far from Tokyo in every sense, but who could have imagined that having short-term rental properties here is a good choice? In Japan, using Airbnb is beyond soaking up the local vibes.

Most of the hosts in Japan will offer useful and free amenities such as a fully functional kitchen and WIFI connection. Currently, there are 14,533 active Airbnb listings in Osaka, and it is intended to become one of the largest accommodation options in that region.

3. Tokyo, Japan


Average daily rate: USD 93
Occupancy rate per month: 76%
Average revenue per month: USD 1,801

Aside from Osaka, Tokyo is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia. There are numerous choices of Airbnb listings in Tokyo, which always provide authentic local recommendations and information. The Airbnb community in Japan has seen over 200% growth year-over-year and is expected to continue to emerge with both the upcoming 2019 Rugby World Cup and 2020 Olympics.

Based on the company’s trending homes data, as compared to standard urban apartments, nature lodge and Ryokans (traditional Japanese inns) are surging the most in bookings for the past 2017 and early 2018, showing that travellers are not only seeking for comfort, but unique experience.

4. Seoul, South Korea


Average daily rate: USD 79
Occupancy rate per month: 75%
Average revenue per month: USD 1,474

Ranked by Airbnb as the most trending destination in 2018 due to the excitement for the 2018 Winter Games, Korea is one of its fast-growing markets. Over 500,000 foreign tourists to South Korea found their accommodations through Airbnb service, with the current 14,014 active homes available in the listings.

The company also concluded that it has contributed approximately USD 476.2 million to the South Korean economy in 2016, based on host earnings and guest spendings.

5. New York, USA


Average daily rate: USD 187
Occupancy rate per month: 74%
Average revenue per month: USD 2,842

Everyone knows that visiting New York City can be immensely expensive because of the sky-high hotel prices. The alternative is, of course, Airbnb, with more than 40,000 active listings and most of the time costs considerably less than a hotel room. So, what’s the catch?

Take a hotel in Brooklyn with a view of the Manhattan skyline for example, it costs around USD 395, while a ‘Cozy Bedroom in My Loft in New York’ on Airbnb listing with the same view costs USD 102, plus USD 82 for cleaning and service fee. Over and above, one of the Airbnb’s 2018 most popular experience, where you get to visit speakseasies, called “Raise a Glass to Prohibition” is also happening in the big apple, giving tourists the opportunity to a unique tour experience.



Average daily rate: USD 63
Occupancy rate per month: 60%
Average revenue per month: USD 918 (RM3581.12)

If you don’t have the budget or not ready to invest abroad, you can first start with the Malaysian market. Thus far, the country has approximately 18,000 listings from 2017 to early 2018, with 102% annual rental growth. Kuala Lumpur would be a great place to start your venture due to its great livability. Plus, it was also named as the most expats-friendly destination in Asia.

Note: Data based on Airdna and property satisfaction score index takes into account property reviews, ratings, response rates, cancellation policies, superhost status and more.

Aside from Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Ipoh, Cameron Highlands, Port Dickson, and Lumut also are the top trending neighbourhoods in Malaysia where rental has been stable. This mainly happens because travellers want to explore the uniqueness of the stated locales.


On the whole, with the existence of Airbnb that has been developed rapidly for these past years, investing in one surely isn’t a bad idea. If you are likely able to purchase a property in those above-mentioned places, why not?

Are you ready to start your own Airbnb adventure? Let us help you look for the property you want. Just fill in your details here and we’ll be in touch with you. 

(Written by: Dara Puspita, 21st March 2018)


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Lovely places. Really love the face suites in KL. Got a quite well known bar/bistro at the top. Good with drinks and view. Basically KL city centres area have a more potential in Airbnb that does not exclude the KL sentral area due to its accessibility.

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actually too much Airbnb is a threat to the security in the property, coz u will see different face all the time. Not good for the residents

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The facilities in the property may also be abused, as the intention of the investors is to maximise their return, so they will boast the enjoyment of the facilities to attract the airbnb users. It will make the facilities crowded and may require more maintenance 

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@henry I do agree with Henry. However, the residents safety part can be avoided if proper communication is done between the airbnb owner and the security team. 

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@Zara True indeed, but how many owners are willing to do so? Since their main intention is their return, most of them will not bother as this will not increase their rental income

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