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Living with a housemate can be like the hit TV sitcom 'Friends', a horror story like this one, or anywhere in between. While some of us have been lucky enough to not have to live with housemates or have had some lovely ones, there are others who have had a hard time constantly struggling with their cohabitants who appear to have come from the deepest and darkest pits of hell. 

If you’re thinking this only ever happen overseas in college dorms and fraternity or sorority houses, think again. We’ve spoken to some locals and here are their stories:

5. Playboy Housemate

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Where: Avilla Apartments, Puchong
What: Kenneth’s playboy housemate

I’ve been living with this guy for the past four months now. He keeps bringing back different girls, claiming that they are all his girlfriends. I have already lost count of his girlfriends, I have no idea how he keeps track. I wouldl just be chilling in the living room watching TV and he’ll come in with a girl, introduce them to me as his girlfriend and then they disappear into his room for a couple of hours.

This doesn’t sound like a problem but he is SO LOUD. I have to turn the TV way up and still sometimes I can’t drown out their sounds. There’s another guy utilising the master bedroom, so I have to share the bathroom with this guy.

Last week I found the sink full of hair. Hair from where? Who knows, maybe I don’t even want to know. I asked him to clean it up and he just said, "Sure, sure," and brushed it off. I’m pretty sure the cleaners got rid of it and not him. Same thing happened two days ago. He keeps leaving his dirty dishes and clothes all over the place too. I wouldn’t mind so much if he kept it in his room but he leaves stuff all over the apartment. I don’t know how much more I can take, honestly. 

4. Girls are clean and neat. You think? 

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Where: Kelana D’Putera, Kelana Jaya
What: Living in a house full of girls can be horrific, as told by Sim Ee. 

One of my housemates is an intern; she’s really friendly and smiles a lot. She’s also either really selfish or really stupid. She cleans up after herself but does it at the expense of others. When she dries her clothes, she opens the back door (which is dirty) into everyone else’s clothes and sometimes drops our clothes on the floor. When she sweeps, she sweeps all the dust and dirt into the bathroom floor and just leaves it there.

She’s also obsessed with washing her shoes every single week. That’s fine and all except that she leaves all the dirt left behind in the bathroom for the rest of us to deal with. I knew of this other girl who was also renting in the same unit but I never really see her. Then one day I meet another girl who is also renting in the same unit but she lives somewhere else. So why is she renting here??? Then I have to deal with the rest of them who just shed hair cats, clogging the bathroom drains. 

3. Meow!

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Where: Kelana D’Putera, Kelana Jaya
What: Daphne has some crazy cat lady issues. 

One of my housemates has two pet cats. In all honesty, the cats themselves are clean and they only roam the house at nights. It’s been a week since this housemate of mine went on holiday. Instead of boarding her cats, or getting someone to look after them she thought it was a smart idea to leave her two cats locked up in her room. That’s one week’s worth of cat pee and poop in her room. She may have locked the doors and windows but the smell still oozes out into the entire house, and I don’t even know when she’s coming back. I hope those cats are alright in there.

Then there’s the landlady who also stays at the unit; for some reason, the furniture was owned by the previous tenant who took all the furniture with her when she moved out a couple of months back. So now the living room has just a single plastic chair and a huge wall-mounted TV. The landlady must really hate the sun because she’s put up really dark curtains and the door is covered in brown paper save for a little hole so you can stick your hand in to unlock it.

Also, she’s practically glued to the television. It can be twelve in the afternoon when you walk into the dark and gloomy house, and she'll be sat of the floor resting her head on the single plastic chair watching her Chinese dramas. Or it can be three in the morning where she'll be in her room and you can still hear her watching her Chinese dramas. Or it can be five in the morning - when she'll be washing, scrubbing and cleaning the toilet. She loves cleaning the bathroom, which is great because who doesn’t love a clean bathroom. But why at 5am when we’re all trying to catch z’s??

And let's not even get started on the other tenants, a couple from China who talks as if they are yelling from one mountain to another at six in the morning. It's a wonder I get any sleep at all in that place. I'm very seriously thinking of moving out.

2. “Out, now!”

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Where: Palm Spring, Kota Damansara
What: Patrick tells us his story about his “friend”. 

I first rented this apartment in Palm Spring two years ago. It wasn’t as nice as it is now, but everything was new and I could afford to furnish everything nicely. Then I knew this guy, he was my friend at the time. He said his parents kicked him out because of some “stupid reason”; I never found out why but I think I can guess.

I had 3 rooms, and one of them was like a guest room in case I had to bring a drunken friend home or something. It just had a single bed and a second hand cupboard then. I told this guy that I’d let him stay here for a few days until his parents cooled off. He said “Sure thing, bro! Thank you so much!” His few days ended up being three months. He never paid for anything at all yet he would eat my food and use all my utilities. Sometimes he would even order pizza without asking me, then when the delivery guy showed up he would ask me to pay for it; incredibly shameless.

I leave in the mornings to go to work and when I return the house would just smell weird. I asked him about it a couple of times but he would just brush it off saying he wasn’t sure what I was smelling. One day I took a day off to get some banking issues sorted out so I was home after lunch. The whole house had this stench and I could see smoke coming out from under this guy’s door. I opened the door and found my 'friend' and a couple of his other friends stoned out of their minds. I told him to pack his stuff and leave then and there. He obliged but later I found out that he also packed some of my stuff that he had conveniently “borrowed” without telling me. Well, good riddance. 

1. “It wasn’t me!”

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Where: Casa Subang, Subang Jaya
What: Aidana tells us this story of w
hen she first moved into a unit in Casa Subang. 

I was studying in Segi College a couple of years ago, and had to move into the 'hostel' because I didn’t know anyone from around here at that time. The hostel turned out to be Casa Subang; the college owned a bunch of units that they used as accommodation for students. I was placed in a 3-bedroom apartment with my own room but shared bathroom. When I moved in there was one girl already there, and I was told that there were usually three to four students in one unit. I began talking to this girl and she seemed super nice at first; she showed me around the immediate neighbourhood and where to find convenience stores and bus stops.

Second week in, she kept sliding notes under my door about me not doing my part in keeping the house clean. As far as I know, I always cleaned up after myself. When I asked her what she was talking about, she showed me a load of dirty dishes in the sink, the rubbish bin was full and stinking and our shared bathroom had hair everywhere. I know what you’re thinking, who wouldn’t be angry right? The thing is, it was all her doing. I didn’t cook or eat in the apartment, I always ate out. Plus I had my own rubbish bin in my room which I cleared out every week. And all that hair in the bathroom? IT WASN’T EVEN THE SAME COLOUR AS MY HAIR! I pointed all of this out to here, as nicely as I could of course, and she had the audacity to ask me to at least help her clean up.

This kept happening throughout the two months I lived in that unit. She would make a mess, yell at me about making it and have me help her clean up. The absolute last straw was when I went to shower one day. The bathroom was as usual covered with her hair; I’m surprised she wasn’t bald at the rate she was losing her hair. I pulled open the shower curtain and just as I was about to step in, I saw that the floor was covered in blood. Period blood, to be specific. I took my phone and took pictures and confronted her in her room. She yelled at me for invading her privacy and insisted that it wasn’t hers and that she was not having her period. At this point I figured enough was enough, I went straight to college and requested to be immediately moved to a new unit. 

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Don’t let these unnerving tales scare you if you’re considering moving to a new place with housemates. There are always ways to ensure that you and your cohabitants do just that, cohabitate! Here are ( some tips and tricks to help you stay zen with your living arrangements. 

Got any of your own housemate horror stories? We would LOVE to hear about them, leave us your story below!

(Written by: Jessica Divakaran, 8th June 2015)


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Dianelynn.86 small

Holy crap! You won't believe waht kind of idiotic housemates I just got! Both interns, both room mates, and the ROYAL MESS!! I thought it was bad enough they left foodstuffs all over the table and in the basin, but my housemate told me I had it easy. Do you know, they put a USED PAD and their PANTIES on top of her toiletry basket??? And she keeps all her bath stuff there including the facial wash and stuff! And the used pad was on top of all that!!! Best part?? They tried to deny it at first!! Bloody disgusting trolls! And that's only ONE of the issues!! The rest include hogging the fridge, using our stuff and leaving rubbish (including another wrapped used pad in the kitchen) everywhere!!! All us older housemates can't wait for them to finish their internship and get the hell out of here!

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Well, I've stayed with quite a number of housemates in the past. So far, no dramas like this. Except for money being stolen.

I guess being dirty and messy, is something they can't change overnight. It's something they learned from own home from the start, which also means their brought up in the family.

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Been through this phase of life while I was studying abroad. Lived in shared flat between 8 people, and also rented a house with 2 other friends. After that I just rented a room with 2 people I found on a listing online. It's all been a different experience and there are good and bad housemates. I would say that if you have a issue with your housemate, bring it up at the moment you notice it, whether casually or not, it's best to raise the issue earlier than later as some housemates may not be aware that whatever they have done is a big deal.

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I remember staying at a hostel in Australia with two others; one from Singapore, and the other a Malaysian like myself. The Malaysian was the female version of your Playboy Housemate. She used to bring guys home on separate but many occasions, and she never told us when they came over or when she'd go out with them.

Because we took turns to cook dinner, we will prepare meals for one another. Then, she'll waltz in with a guy in tow, saying that he's here for dinner. But we've only cooked for her plus ourselves, not the fourth person who had just walked in. In the end, she'll go out for dinner with him and leave us with her portion of food. It was her leftover lunch for the next day. Except that she doesn't take it. She throws it away. What a waste of food! Other occasions involve them having "fun" in her room but even with the door closed, we can hear a lot of "screams of delight and happiness" coming from inside. We're fine with guests. We just want her to have the courtesy of informing us, that's all. Whenever I look back at it now, it just seems quite entertaining, really.