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Android App for download:

Free, simple and user friendly tool that can instantly give you an all-in-one overview in just a few clicks. 

Key Features:
• Mortgage Loan & Entry Cost Calculator - (Cater for Pre/ New Launch/ Subsale)
• Debt Service Ratio (DSR) Calculator
• Compare Loans Calculator
• Price/ sqft Calculator & Check Property Transaction History
• Valuation Fee Calculator
• Legal Fee & Stamp Duty Calculator
• Real Property Gain Tax (RPGT)
• Tenancy Agreement Calculator
• Affordability Calculator
• Rental Yield Calculator
• Return on Investment (RoI) Calculator
• Cash-on-Cash Return (CoCR) Calculator
• Share Property Info
• Appointment Checklist
• Malaysia's Property Terms and Glossary
• Consolidated few property portal websites into a single App, such as, property,,, and
• Share the result easily with anyone by email, SMS and other social sharing platform like WhatsApp, Facebook, etc...

In order for us to serve you better, we'll update the App on a regular basis, so it's recommended to turn auto-update on. Thank you for your cooperation.

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@henry hi Henry, you mean for you to generate the tenancy agreement and generate a pdf?

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yes, or maybe a word copy also can

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It's good to have the calculation of premium for extension of lease too

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new update! 

Added enhancement and below features. Kindly update now. Thank you

• Share Property Info

• Appointment Checklist