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PCMY - Property Calculator Malaysia is an all-in-one toolkit that can quickly analyse real estate properties on the go. It provides a variety of financial calculations and analysis tools to help users understand the costs and potential returns of investing in real estate.

• Estimate home loan instalment, entry cost, monthly eligibility, price/ area & investment analysis (Pre/ New launch or Subsale)
• On/ off for first time home buyer rebates
• Generate Piechart for total payment & Amortization schedule table
• Extra payments (Better understanding on how to save interest by increase monthly repayments, annual prepayment or one-time prepayment. *Applicable for Semi-Flexi or Full-Flexi loan)
• Calculate Debt Service Ratio (DSR) & loan eligibility (auto calculate the latest EPF, SOCSO, EIS, & PCB rates)
• Compare 2 home loans & entry costs side by side
• Mortgage refinancing calculator
• Unit converter (Area & Length)
• Valuation fee calculator
• Legal Fees & Stamp Duty calculator (Purchaser/ Vendor)
• Real Property Gain Tax (RPGT) calculator
• Tenancy agreement (TA) calculator
• Balance release (SPA) calculator
• Liquidated Ascertained Damages (LAD) calculator
• Affordability calculator
• Rental Yield (RY) calculator
• Return on Investment (RoI) calculator
• Cash-on-Cash Return (CoCR) calculator
• Share property details in PDF
• Appointment checklist
• Digital compass
• Malaysia's property terms and glossary
• Online fetch Effective Lending Rates (ELR) & Base Rates (BR) from Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM)'s website
• Online fetch Overnight Policy Rate (OPR) from Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM)'s website
• Resources (collection of useful articles related to property Malaysia)
- understand what should do before buy
- timeline of purchasing a property
- incentives for home buyers and more
• Consolidated Malaysia's popular property listing websites for reference, helps user save up phone's storage from downloading abundance of other Apps
• Notes and references are provided for better understanding on how the figure is generated (click on each label in the result page to view details)
• Generate result summary in PDF format and share it easily with anyone by email, SMS and other social sharing platforms available on user's phone
• Visualized results in Piechart for better analysis

Get an edge over other investors to perform due diligence, calculate and understand the numbers in just a few clicks. Find the best deal, including estimate entry costs, mortgage instalment, cash flow, RoI, profit and many more related to real estate investing at your fingertips.

Every function has been simplified and tested thoroughly to cater for real life applications. Undeniable, this could be the perfect App for first time home buyers, real estate investors, real estate agents/ negotiators, property lawyers, loan officers and mortgage bankers in Malaysia.

PCMY - Property Calculator Malaysia is free to use and download. Kindly rate us on Google Play Store, if you find the App is helpful.

Location & internet permissions
Uses the internet for analytics, AD, fetch and share information from the server.

Storage permission
For appointment checklist & save PDF file.

Company Registration
Syncteq Development Solution 202203267103 (AS0455432-V)


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Hello, We are pleased that you enjoyed the app. Kindly update the App to v46.03.23 for better user experience & more features. Have a wonderful day! Thank you