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More often than not, most local property investors are worried that they are not able to follow the market trend if they were to work or travel abroad. To add, there are some folks who hesitate to move out of an ideal location because they do not want to be losing out on attractive investment opportunities within the area. There’s a solution to this conundrum.


Here are a couple of strategies for one to stay well informed on the real estate market. These approaches act as reminders for all property lovers to not lose out on a golden opening to invest in a real estate option available during that period of time.

1. Read The News


Everyone knows this strategy! Scan through the newspapers and read the news relating to websites that may benefit you as a potential customer. Unfortunately, people tend to laze around, analysing it only once in a blue moon. The impact is almost imminent! New projects and exciting investment opportunities would have come and then sail away like the wind.

Utilise the technology we are presented with today! Property websites like PropSocial and the news through well-developed apps are all within reach with just a tap of your finger. Be a smart tech user and set notifications for all platforms so nothing goes by you without a beep! This method ensures convenience and resources are easily attainable without needing to go all the way to a targeted location for inspection purposes.

This step must be done in order to understand the types of market conditions or current price rates involved before purchasing a property. Can you imagine yourselves investing in the housing sector without being made aware of the current real estate bubble crash that have occurred near you? Hence, it is best to read as much as you can to evade unfavourable implications from happening.

2. Treat Real Estate Agents As BFFs!


Real estate agents are the main gamers within the property scene! Thus, busy or oversea-bound individuals should treat these agents as their best friends if they would like to stay up to date. The basics are simple: Hire someone you can trust and has an eye out for the peculiar which may serve as an added weapon in your arsenal. If you are willing to, you may seize a couple more real estate agents to receive as many resources as possible in the current market climate.

Property agents would be the ideal type of people we can bug and seek out exciting information that is relevant to the market. Take note though. No matter where you go, make sure you are an easy person to contact. Plus, one should be invested in this if he or she desires to last as a budding property client. Or else, you will be seeing this as a form of spam or annoyance in your daily life.

3. Check With The Bankers


Our financial means have the tendency to change. Experienced real estate investors would attest to this. Nevertheless, if we remain aware, every now or then, of our current monetary predicament, we will be able to spend within our boundaries. The key here is, you want to be quick off the blocks when it comes to your financial situation and how to go about it even if you are based elsewhere or too busy to check through it!

Thankfully, your trusted bank or bank associates are always available at your service to present you with all the financial measures and instrumental options involved towards ensuring a smooth transaction for a new property investment. Keep these gentlemen on speed dial as you will need all the help you can get.

4. Don’t Forget Due Diligences


Nothing like the old school way of getting your hands dirty and doing the relevant checks to assure that you indeed have selected a wise investment choice. Cultures may evolve but the old school tricks still work. In other words, before investing in a property that you may not have seen in reality and has only been briefed through by bankers and real estate agents, it is always a great idea to go to the site and assess matters regarding the development.

Moreover, you may proceed to scout the entire township as well which may include the type of commercial outlets and basic amenities available for future residents in that given area. Potential clients may go all out by doing some detective work with the shopkeepers present to collect some interesting information about the settlement they are about to invest in.


The world is constantly changing. In the meantime, the property industry will also undergo transition either for the better or worse, depending on the current market situation.

It can be a tough task to keep track of all property-related information around us. Nonetheless, with the right support system and mindset, we will definitely be capable of surviving in the real estate business no matter where we are at or how busy we are! 

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(Written by: Sathish Veera, 22nd May 2018)


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