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Good day to all PropSocial community members.

I'm here today to share some of the new project and info which my team and i doing now.
Project location in 1 of the Malaysia tourism Hot Spot >>> Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan.

Ever heard about Port Dickson? Yup, most of us heard before but all of us actually been there for vacation. Some people might even think PD is a very lousy place, not well maintain beach or etc. But, PD boom away my negative perception during the pass few weeks after i went for 3 rounds of site survey and study especially during the last weekend as school holidays. I traveled down Senawang for an developer event using PLUS highway from Cheras and it start JAM about 3~4 KM before Seremban Tol and Waze instructed me to exit Seremban Tol to access to Senawang.

Traffic JAM gila-gila as people travelling down South to destination such as Port Dickson, Melaka, Johor & Singapore. After i attend the developer event, my colleagues and i decided to travel to Port Dickson to have a look. Along the way there's a lots of car and YES we were stuck in a minor jam. There's a say in Chinese "people mountain people sea" to describe crowded of people. And we did take up initiative to go few hotel to survey rather got vacant room or not, end up all is fully occupied. Along the Jalan Pantai (from Lukut can access to Melaka) in Port Dickson we can saw a lots of resorts, hotel, budget hotel and even home stay house. Yet fully occupied. Although that, we did check with some local people and found out that during weekdays also got peoples coming for vacation and for normal weekend without school holidays also the occupancy rate is very high and talking about 80~90% occupancy rate. Oh man, home stay business in this tourism HOT SPOT can really make rezeki lumayan(good profit) la during off peak and peak season.

OK. Currently, we are part of the marketing team for a well reputation local developer for selling their project in Port Dickson. The on-going project is nearby to Balai Bomba Port Dickson, Teluk Kemang. This project consist of 12 units Single Storey Semi-D, 2 units of 1 1/2 Storey Semi-D and 1 unit 1 1/2 Bungalow. This project come with a good promotion package with early promo up to RM 100k.

Project Info as below:
Taman Arowana @ Port Dickson  
Land size from 3186 sf - 6824 sf 
Built-up Size from 1908 sf 
4 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms 
Accessibility : 2 min to Pantai Port Dickson, 15 min from PD Town, 1 hour from KLIA ✈ , 1 1/2 hour from KL  
Freehold property 
RM516k start
Free SPA Lawyer Fee
Free Loan Lawyer Fee
Free MOT

If anyone would like to know more or arrange a site visit can drop me Whatsapp message at 012-4624532 or e-mail at I'm more than happy to talk to you more about this new project.

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Is PD really a good buy?? I see a lot of abandoned and poorly maintained apartments/resort there. Not much development there in the past 20 years. Personally I think the place can't attract affluent tourist.

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A lot of auction properties there also....