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What are the Pros & Cons to buy new or secondary property (newly launched or subsale units)? Let's discuss / advise.


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@danielfoo, wow! Such detailed explanation. Me like :D

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In my opinion...

The Pros
New project - low down payment
Subsale - immediate rental income to build better income so can get higher loan and buy more.. :)

The Cons
New project - may have to hold for some time after completion before able to rent out as selling may not make the max profit. (due to RPGT & penalty)
Subsale - huge amount of capital required & low loan margin for 3rd loan onward (70%)

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Buy new launch only when you know who to buy it from.

Buy subsale only when you know where to buy it from.

If you have spare cash, lots of it, and still do not fit any of the above, then you shouldn't be buying property. Invest in yourself first.

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Subsales more cash to paid but can move in faster and what u see what u get. New launch depend on developer packages, some is less cash paid, price expensive, got risk of developer hit and run, but new condition, new model and new faclities