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Water disruptions set for Section 14, 22 and SS2 in Petaling Jaya on June 23

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PETALING JAYA: Parts of Petaling Jaya are set to face a temporary water disruption from 9pm on Tuesday, June 23 to 3am on Wednesday, June 24 due to planned waterworks, said Syabas corporate communication and public affairs general manager Priscilla Alfred.In a press release issued on Thursday, Alfred said this was due to the activation of an air scouring zone as part of the Water Quality Improvement Programme in Section 14 and Section 22, Petaling Jaya.She said the following areas would be affected by the Programme:Jalan 51/227; Jalan 51/227A to Jalan 51/227C; Jalan 14/47 to Jalan 14/462; Jalan 14/64; Jalan 22/32, 22/34, 22/34A, 22/36, 22/38, 22/40, 22/42, 22/42A, 22/45, 22/47, 22/49, 22/51, 22/53, 22/55 and Jalan 22/57.She also said that certain areas in SS2, Petaling Jaya would be affected by the activation of the air scouring zone under the Water Quality Improvement Programme in Section 2 from 9pm on Tuesday, June 30 to 3am on Wednesday, July 1.The areas affected would be SS 2/2 to SS 2/8; SS 2/8A; SS 2/9 to SS2/15; SS 2/15A; SS 2/16 to SS2/21; SS 2/22A; SS2/23; SS2/25 and SS 2/45.


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Hmmmm.... this seems to be happening quite a bit lately.....

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Occasional water disruption isn't a big issue here to me. What bothers me more is the long term sewer digging activities at here! Leaves too many uneven roads. Have gotten used to remembering uneven patched up roads and dodging them! Haha. Beautiful.

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@findjordantan88, it's very very common in my area, Subang & USJ! It's very very inconvenient especially if it takes longer than 1 day.

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luckily is not kelana jaya xD